Best-selling journalist Antony Loewenstein trav­els across Afghanistan, Pakistan, Haiti, Papua New Guinea, the United States, Britain, Greece, and Australia to witness the reality of disaster capitalism. He discovers how companies such as G4S, Serco, and Halliburton cash in on or­ganized misery in a hidden world of privatized detention centers, militarized private security, aid profiteering, and destructive mining.

Disaster has become big business. Talking to immigrants stuck in limbo in Britain or visiting immigration centers in America, Loewenstein maps the secret networks formed to help cor­porations bleed what profits they can from economic crisis. He debates with Western contractors in Afghanistan, meets the locals in post-earthquake Haiti, and in Greece finds a country at the mercy of vulture profiteers. In Papua New Guinea, he sees a local commu­nity forced to rebel against predatory resource companies and NGOs.

What emerges through Loewenstein’s re­porting is a dark history of multinational corpo­rations that, with the aid of media and political elites, have grown more powerful than national governments. In the twenty-first century, the vulnerable have become the world’s most valu­able commodity. Disaster Capitalism is published by Verso in 2015 and in paperback in January 2017.

Profits_of_doom_cover_350Vulture capitalism has seen the corporation become more powerful than the state, and yet its work is often done by stealth, supported by political and media elites. The result is privatised wars and outsourced detention centres, mining companies pillaging precious land in developing countries and struggling nations invaded by NGOs and the corporate dollar. Best-selling journalist Antony Loewenstein travels to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Haiti, Papua New Guinea and across Australia to witness the reality of this largely hidden world of privatised detention centres, outsourced aid, destructive resource wars and militarized private security. Who is involved and why? Can it be stopped? What are the alternatives in a globalised world? Profits of Doom, published in 2013 and released in an updated edition in 2014, challenges the fundamentals of our unsustainable way of life and the money-making imperatives driving it. It is released in an updated edition in 2014.
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The Blogging Revolution, released by Melbourne University Press in 2008, is a colourful and revelatory account of bloggers around the globe why live and write under repressive regimes - many of them risking their lives in doing so. Antony Loewenstein's travels take him to private parties in Iran and Egypt, internet cafes in Saudi Arabia and Damascus, to the homes of Cuban dissidents and into newspaper offices in Beijing, where he discovers the ways in which the internet is threatening the ruld of governments. Through first-hand investigations, he reveals the complicity of Western multinationals in assisting the restriction of information in these countries and how bloggers are leading the charge for change. The blogging revolution is a superb examination about the nature of repression in the twenty-first century and the power of brave individuals to overcome it. It was released in an updated edition in 2011, post the Arab revolutions, and an updated Indian print version in 2011.
The best-selling book on the Israel/Palestine conflict, My Israel Question - on Jewish identity, the Zionist lobby, reporting from Palestine and future Middle East directions - was released by Melbourne University Press in 2006. A new, updated edition was released in 2007 (and reprinted again in 2008). The book was short-listed for the 2007 NSW Premier's Literary Award. Another fully updated, third edition was published in 2009. It was released in all e-book formats in 2011. An updated and translated edition was published in Arabic in 2012.

Transparency challenges some

US Zionists are worried:

“In the wake of the Jack Abramoff scandal, Jewish groups are closely watching plans to restrict lawmakers’ lobbyist-sponsored travel, which could have a devastating impact on Israel trips that build support for the Jewish state in Congress.

“Rules proposed in Congress this month could place stringent restrictions on how lawmakers travel at the expense of lobbyists and the organizations connected to them. The most aggressive plans call for restrictions on paying for legislators’ hotel rooms and airfares, which could prevent them from travelling across the country to speak to interest groups such as American Jewish organizations.”

These Israeli trips change politician’s mind about Israel’s “right” to security – along with financial assistance – and Jewish groups are rightly concerned that new restrictions may change the dynamic in Washington.

The Jerusalem Post continues:

“One suggested rule, proposed by Rep. David Obey (D-Wisconsin), would forbid lobbyists from paying for or participating in trips by lawmakers, and would prevent trips sponsored by organizations that perform any lobbying activities. Many Jewish groups perform some lobbying activities and likely would be included in the ban, analysts said.

“‘Any member can travel anywhere they want to go; they’ve just got to do it on their own dime,’ said Ellis Brachman, an Obey spokesman.”

Such rules would of course not just affect Zionist lobbyists, but any attempt to tighten loopholes should be applauded. Check out AIPAC’s latest advertisement on the far-too-cosy relationship between politicians and the lobby.

In Australia, the Rambam Israel Fellowship Program takes journalists, politicians and their advisors to Israel (with a brief stop in Ramallah) in an attempt to convince individuals that Israeli governments decisions – from expanding settlements, imposing arbitrary checkpoints, construction of the wall etc – are vital for Israeli needs. Palestinian desires are secondary, at best.

The situation, however, may be starting to change. The Muslim population of Australia is growing strongly while the Jewish community is languishing. The numbers game suggest that politicians will soon be keen to appeal to a Muslim constituency and a less Israel-first agenda.

As in Israel, demography presents its own hackneyed solutions.

  • Wombat

    I love that logo they came up with. Just adorable?There were what, 100 lawmakers who travelled to Israel last year? Hmmmmm

  • Shabadoo

    The numbers game suggest that politicians will soon be keen to appeal to a Muslim constituency and a less Israel-first agenda.Politicians like who? This clown? Or, perhaps closer to home, this one?Seriously, though, what benefit can there be – beyond short-term vote-buying – to any Western pollie in promoting a pro-Islamic agenda? Criticise Israel legitimately, fine, but remember that their enemies are also our enemies, irrespective of that state's existence.

  • Wombat

    amazing how that clown single handedly bitch slapped the republicna's on their own turf.So vote buying for Israel is a good thing Shab? How much more help and aid should the US give Israel?

  • Moodymann

    IbrahamavIsraeli's murder palestinian woman too. In fact if you want to play that game, the number of palestinians murdered by israelis is a lot higher then the other way round.

  • Shabadoo

    Hahaha…how did Gorgeous George the Saddamite bitch-slap the GOP? That's pretty rich…why are you defending this guy who was so clearly on the take from Hussein?

  • Stev

    'Clearly' Shab? The most recent report I've read has Galloway winning his libel case against the CSM, with the CSM admitting the set of documents on which its story was based were "almost certainly" fake.Have there been more recent developments of which I am unaware?

  • Shabadoo

    Addamo, why do you stand up for this clown? From 2005:The report by the US Senate investigation sub-committee alleging that George Galloway was allocated lucrative Iraqi oil contracts appears more serious than earlier accusations because for the first time the allegations are based on evidence given by senior members of Saddam Hussein's regime.And that doesn't even go into his fake leukemia charity, or his general Lord Haw-Haw behaviour. Find someone else to barrack for besides this dimwitted dhimmi – this cheapens you.

  • Melanie

    stev, "Have there been more recent developments of which I am unaware?" Yes quite a few developments and even his allies are distancing themselves as the evidence is become very credible indeed. And then there was his speech in Damascus where he was practically gave the same speech as David Duke did on his Syrian tour. Anyway I don't know if anyone will be able to look at him now without laughing after his ridiculous performance yesterday prancing around in tights: Watch it and cringe.

  • Edward Mariyani-Squi

    "The situation, however, may be starting to change. The Muslim population of Australia is growing strongly while the Jewish community is languishing. The numbers game suggest that politicians will soon be keen to appeal to a Muslim constituency and a less Israel-first agenda."It is starting to change. It'll be another generation yet, but it's a-comin'. Young Muslims are by-and-large 'aspirational'; they're entering universities, the professions, and thus the 'middle' class in the major population centres. They're also cottoning on to the fact that you don't need to BE a politician to influence policy; you know, power behind the throne and all that. The professional unions (lawyers and doctors) and business unions (BCA, etc.) are showing the way. Start quakin' violet and co.

  • Ibrahamav

    Seems all are worried about muslims taking over austrailia, and rather than be moral leaders, the Aussie parlament will cave in to islamic demands or face terror attacks?Screwed up area AL lives in.

  • Edward Mariyani-Squi

    Ibrahamav said… "Seems all are worried about muslims taking over austrailia, and rather than be moral leaders, the Aussie parlament will cave in to islamic demands or face terror attacks?"Yep, that's exactly how it is here, Ibby. It's absolute hell. Everyone spends every waking moment on their front porches blasting away with their shotguns at anyone who comes near. (Anyone who does come near is usually on fire due to the constant mass molotov cocktail riots that rage in every suburb and every street.)

  • Wombat

    Yeah Shab,Let's believe the senate shall we? The same monkeys who base their case almost entirely on the so called "testimony" of Tarak Aziz, who has been in custody at an undisclosed location for more than 2 years.Of course, when Aziz later denied any such testimony, the Bushies said that the man could not be trusted. Another Republican own goal guys.The Russians claim the evidence is fake, and it turns out that a whole bunch of Us companies were in fact on the take, either directly, or via shelf companies they set up in France. Another own goal.Did you not see Galloway humiliate Coleman and his fellow gimps last year? it was awesome. And this latest round of BS is nothing but retribution for Gallowy consigning Coleman’s political career to the trash heap.You clearly have it in for this guy, as you have for Chavez, but seriously, it seem completely irrational on your part. I am no fun of Galloway, but next o the scum in Washington, he is a saint.Melanie, I could care less about Galloway prancing around in tights – at least the guy doesn’t take himself too seriously. But to align Galloway with Duke is like calling Chomsky a holocaust denier because such authors have used quotes from him. If Galloway was at a convention to support a Syrian cause along with Duke, would they not have the same thing to say? If you want to go down the guilt by association route, then let’s revisit the 2 degrees of separation issue between Bush and Mohammad Attah.

  • Wombat

    So True Edward,We Ozzies are just so jealous that we don't live in a coutry that practices domestic spying on church groups, that our laws are only catching up in terms of arbitrary detentinos, hasn't cottoned on to the joys of extraordinary renderition and torure, or that our politicians aren't more busy stuffing their wallets with money from the treasury.That's the wa of life and values that make the US number 1. One day Eddie, one day.

  • Ibrahamav

    US is #1 for so many more reasons. But you'll never get it. You can only guess.

  • Wombat

    No guessing that the country has a bill it will never be abel to pay thanks to the moron you elected.Happy bankruptcy.

  • Ibrahamav

    Of course it will be able to pay the bill. You're just jealous.