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Disaster has become big business. Talking to immigrants stuck in limbo in Britain or visiting immigration centers in America, Loewenstein maps the secret networks formed to help cor­porations bleed what profits they can from economic crisis. He debates with Western contractors in Afghanistan, meets the locals in post-earthquake Haiti, and in Greece finds a country at the mercy of vulture profiteers. In Papua New Guinea, he sees a local commu­nity forced to rebel against predatory resource companies and NGOs.

What emerges through Loewenstein’s re­porting is a dark history of multinational corpo­rations that, with the aid of media and political elites, have grown more powerful than national governments. In the twenty-first century, the vulnerable have become the world’s most valu­able commodity. Disaster Capitalism is published by Verso in 2015 and in paperback in January 2017.

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Poverty rules

Despite constant claims that Israel is a thriving democracy in the heart of the Middle East, the country is in fact in decline:

A quarter of Israel’s citizens are poor, according to the National Insurance Institute (NII) poverty report released yesterday. In spite of the growth of the economy over the past year, almost 46,000 Israelis, half of them children, have joined the ranks of the poor this past year. The number of people living below the poverty line in the first half of 2005 reached 1.58 million including 738,000 children.

Exact costings for the occupation are impossible to source, but a recent report from Oxfam suggested the profound cost of maintaining and increasing the stranglehold over the Palestinians.

  • Addamo

    Looks like occupation is indeed an expesinve excercise. It was announced that 37 million American;s are also living in poverty.

    Goes to show where war obsessed countries place their priorities.

  • edward squire

    Israel punishes its children in order to punish Palestinian children. Now that's a nation-state with screwed up priorities.

  • orang

    Yes but one Israeli child is worth about 500 arab, so that part is OK.

  • It is true that most any complex social entity is artificial. Noting that, it has to be said that Israel is a particularly artificial nation state. It has always survived on the basis of massive economic, political and military subsidy from the Western Powers, especially the United States since 1967.

    It is an often neglected fact that those who dictate Israel's policies (be they American or Israeli) have principally in mind the interests of their geopolitical power. Seen this way, even Israel's Jewish population is but another victim. Something will definitely give. Whether it is because of something like nuclear war or a slide towards greater morality and common sense on the part of the State of Israel, only time will tell. Dare I say it, we have the capacity to influence this future. In Australia, one simple way we can affect change in a positive way is to pressure our Government (and Opposition) to place greater scrutiny on Israel's actions in the Occupied Territories. The popular response to Apartheid South Africa serves as a useful precedent in this regard.

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  • Chris

    "It has always survived on the basis of massive economic, political and military subsidy from the Western Powers,"

    Subsidy to Israel is now a tiny percentage of its GDP. Most of the subsidy is for military hardware, which is caused by the overt hatred expressed by Israel's neighbors.

    The Austrailian government is not so foolish to throw out reason and consider Israel to be on par with South Africa. The situation and the response are not even close.

  • Addamo

    "Most of the subsidy is for military hardware, which is caused by the overt hatred expressed by Israel’s neighbors."

    Wjhat a prime example of selective reasoning and cherry picking arguments. The conflict betwene Israel and it;s neighbours isw without doubt, fueleld by israel's illagal and brutal occupation of land it is not entitled to occupy.

    So to ignore that reality and justmaintain that Israel requires more amrmaments to defend itself is to perpetuate more violence.

    The other thing defending Israel is the US support diplomatically (like making Egypt the second largest recipient of aid, after Israel, for recognising israel) and by the guaranteed vetos the Us is willing to wiled at the UNSC. The aid israel receives is 7 times what the Us gives to the entire US. This does not include the enromous donations Amercian Jewish and Zionist groups make to Israel.

    Without the unconditional support from the US, Israel would rapidly implode.

  • Chris

    Israel has every right, under International law, to control the land. In keeping with those rights, the US has seen fit to keep Israel well armed.

    The aid given to Israel over the last 58 years by the US pales in comparison to what the US has spent in Iraq.

    "The aid israel receives is 7 times what the Us gives to the entire US." Rubbish.

  • Addamo

    Israle has absolutely no right under internatinal law to control the land.

    Under Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, it's illegal for any occupying country to transfer its population to Occupied Territories. All of the settlements, all of the settlements are illegal under international law. No dispute. The World Court in July 2004 ruled that all the settlements are illegal.

    The US has given Israel more money that any other country. For that there is no doubt. You rcomment abto the cost fo the iraq war is completely erroneous and irrelevant.

    The money spent in Iraq has been towards paying for the war itself. Nothihng to do with iraq or Iraqi's. The money for reconstruction was completely sucked up by corrutption and paying for security and has dried up. In fact, the US is spending more money building the worlds largest military base (Camp Victory) than it allocated for the reconstruction of Iraq.

    The resettlement of the Gaza settlers was entirely financed by the US.

    And let's remember that Israel and it's prozies in the US were the mot vociferous supporters fo the Iraq war. Just like they are for intervention in Iran.

    It is a fact that the US gives 7 times the aid to israel that it gioves to all of Africa. Look it up before making dismissive comments about things you know nothing about.

  • Leo Braun

    Antony: "Despite constant claims that Israel is a thriving democracy in the heart of the Middle East, the country is in fact in decline: A quarter of Israel's citizens are poor, according to the National Insurance Institute (NII) poverty report … In spite of the growth of the economy over the past year, almost 46,000 Israelis, half of them children, have joined the ranks of the poor … The number of people living below the poverty line in the first half of 2005 reached 1.58 million including 738,000 children"… Speaking of which compels on me to question what kind of Jews we were talking about? Since the Jew lesser brethren being commonly dealt-with, like the ostracised Goyim and Shiksas by the supremacist ashke-Nazim.

    In fact a review by Israeli Channel Ten TV station broke all conventions to expose one of the ugliest secrets of the Israel's founders — Zionist Labor; executed on mass via deliberate radiation of nearly all Sephardi Jew youth. According to the viewed TV documentary on 100,000 radiation cases in reflection to the carried-out such prior ordeals by zionazi medics in concentration camps. Released in 2003 by Dimona Productions Ltd, so uniquely viewed film on Aug 14th, 2005 at 9pm, was later followed by discussion, moderated by TV host Dan Margalit (infamous to toe establishment's line). As participants were joined by David Edri (head of the Compensation Committee for Ringworm X-Ray Victims), and Boaz Lev (spokesman for the Israeli Ministry of Health).

    The subject unfolded since 1951, as director general of Israeli Health Ministry, Dr Chaim Sheba flew to US, to return with seven X-Ray machines, supplied by US military. Eager to render a hefty part in the massive atomic experimentations to its zionazi counterparts in Israel. Where an entire generation of Sephardi Jew youth has been used as guinea pigs. Every Sephardi Jew child was given 35,000 times max dose of X-Rays radiation through the head. For doing so, US regime rewarded Israeli junta with 300,000 Liras a year (when an entire Isreali Health budget used to be 60,000 Liras). The amount of money paid by US is equivalent to the billions of dollars today.

    To fool miserable parents of Sephardi Jew victims, their children were often taken away on the "school trips". Some inquisitive parents were later told that the X-Rays were used as treatment to tackle a scourge of scalpal ringworm. As a result 6,000 of Sephardi Jew children died shortly, whilst many others to survive, developed cancers. Which were killing them over the years, until now. Thus exposed to radiation Sephardi Jew victims suffering was compounded moreover by alzheimer's disease, epilepsy, chronic headaches, amnesia, and psychosis. The precise subject of this unique documentary on the supremacist Zionists radiated 0.1 million of Sefardi Jew children in a cold blood.

    Majority radiation victims were Moroccan Jews because they were just too many in a comparison with ashke-Nazim. As a result, poisoned generation to became Israeli perpetual poor, stigmatised often as a criminal class. To many it didn't make any sense as other Moroccan Jews who fled to France, were known to became highly educated and prosperous. To counter such a grave implications, the specialists in Zionist dis-info-art alleged that France got all the smart and rich immigrants. What was contrary the real explanation bearers, always prompt to point-out that French Moroccan Jew children didn't have their brain-cells fried by the gamma rays. Perfectly plain, it was no accident, as dangers of X-Rays radiation had been known for years.

    One may even read the official Israeli guidelines for X-Rays radiation treatments in 1952, where maximum dose radiation given to Sephardi Jew child was 0.5 rad. No mistake made as Sephardi Jew children were deliberately obliterated. David Deri made a point that only Sephardi Jew children received X-Rays radiation. Similar stories were told by the victims: "I was in class and the men came to take us on a tour, they asked our names. As only dark Sephardi Jew children were put on the bus. At the time when ashke-Nazi children were told to return to their seats".

    Amazingly that film presented historian who gave a potted first history on zionazi eugenics movement. A sound-bite later, he declared that pseudo ringworm operation was in fact the eugenics program. Aimed at weeding-out the perceived weak strains from the Jewish society. Quoted were also in that film a couple of the notorious anti-Sephardi racist Jew leaders such as Nahum Goldmann and Levi Eshkol.

    Mind you that the spun Holocaust was endured solely by Jew lesser brethren, at the time when supremacist zionazis such as Goldmann spent years in Switzer Land, where he made sure to create a credit for himself as few Jew refugees were given a shelter, before he flew to New York to become a Head of the World Jewish Congress. At the time headed by Samuel Bronfman, who according to Canadian writer Mordecai Richler, cut a deal with Prime Minister Mackenzie King, to prevent immigration of European Jew lesser brethren to Canada.

    Levi Eshkol's role leading to the Holocaust tragedy was by far more sinister than merely not saving lives of Jew lesser brethren, as he was very busy in taking them instead. According to biography of the future Israeli Prime Minister Levi Eshkol, courtesy of Israeli junta web-site: In 1937 Levi Eshkol played a central role to establish Water Company Mekorot (diverting a meagre Jordan river's flow). He was instrumental also in convincing his zionazi counterparts run Nazi regime, to allow an elite Jews immigrating to Palestine to be able to take with them sponged assets in a form of the German-Made equipment. Thus while the majority of world Jewry boycotted Nazi regime in the '30s, the Jewish Agency in Jerusalem was propping-up Hitler.

    A bloody deal, termed the "Transfer Agreement" was cut, whereby Nazis to chase the Jews from the Germany to Palestine, simultaneously as Zionist operatives in Germany forced rich Jew emigrants (on the way to Palestine) to exchange their assets for the exclusively German-Made equipment. Once Jewish Agency in Jerusalem got into Israel all the wanted elite of the German Jews, they abandoned the rest of European Jew lesser brethren to their Nazi proxies, conducting eugenics program. Whilst those arrived to the land of milk-n-honey were secretly indoctrinated in anti-Judaism dis-info-mill, courtesy of Shabtai Tzvi & Jacob Frank cult-tenets.

    Bear in mind that the mainstream Judaism adherents were staunch anti-Zionists at the time. Although according to Rabbi Antelman, Zionism began as a "honest national liberation" movement which was infiltrated and corrupted by secret followers of a false Messiah's cult of Shabtai Tzvi & Jacob Frank. Nonetheless any dedicated observer who looks at the events from that starting point, will realise that had there never existed Zionism, there would not have been any such Holocaust to obliterate Palestinian people as much as Jew lesser brethren. Now in 21st century a very same demonic force is wrapping its pincers around the world of peace loving people

  • Leo Braun

    Speaking of staggering 0.1 million Sephardi Jew children sustained fatal obliteration via diabolical X-Rays radiation in accordance with the Zionist kind of eugenics practice in Israel (recorded since early 50s), brings our focus on loads of thousands in the abducted Yemenite Jew infants. Synonymous with the systematically carried-out ethnic cleansing in Israel (peaking during 1948-1954). Only recently in 1997 was established a wishy-washy investigating committee at Beit Agron. Where a first witness Mrs Sarah Leicht testified, as she worked in 1950s as a nurse at Women's International Zionist Organization, WIZO Child Care Center in Tel Aviv.

    Where Sarah received on-the-job training as a nurse to care for children. Actually that WIZO center in Tev Aviv was called 'The Institute for Care of Mother and Child'. Mrs Leicht said that the Institute was in fact an 'Adoption Center'. The children they took care-of at the Institute were usually between the ages of one day and two years. After reaching the age of two, these children were normally moved into 'Infant Care Center'. So much for the promo on Zionist kind of care takers, when in fact ashke-Nazi abhorred ethnic Jew babies were regularly stolen from their loving Sephardi Jew parents. Ultimately to be sold abroad through the sly transactions, classified as 'adoption'.

    Mr Dachbash Salah and his family of Yeminite origin were next witnesses to testify. Who recalled that their entire family with three daughters, was taken directly from the airport into Rosh Ha'Ayin Immigrant's Camp. Where a couple of weeks later their baby daughter Zarah was separated from the family and placed in the 'Infant's Quarters', inside the camp. Where she was visited daily by the loving parents and other two daughters. Yet following a weekend away in Ramat Gan, on their return into Immigrant's Camp, they were told out-of-the-blue that their adored baby daughter had died. Yet traitorous staff had no answer as to the precise cause or the time of death. To cut-story-short, ever since for 50 years, grief stricken family continued so futile search for the Zarah's grave.

    Next testified Mrs Yehudit Veintrop, who came to Israel from Poland. Though her Sephardi Jew husband from Bulgaria causal factor led to "mongrel" genetic flow to be inherited by their son Eliezer, born in Israel on Dec 1st, 1951. When he was eight days old, he was circumcised. A few days later he had a minor cough due to prior exposure to draught or people contact in the circumstances. However consulted doctor dismissed worried parents concern. So anxious family consulted yet an another doctor, who directed an infant Eliezer to Hadassah Hospital in Tel Aviv. Yet when Mr Veintrop went to visit his treasured son the next day, he was told all of a sudden that Eliezer had died.

    Shattered Mr Veintrop asked to see Eliezer's body, but Hadassah Hospital nurse told him that there was nothing left to see as the remnants to be buried the next day at Givat Shaul's cemetary. Then as a grief stricken family searched for the Eliezer's grave, they were told in turn that …"according to Jewish Law an infant under the age of 30 days is not being buried individually". At no point did the Veintrops receive a death certificate or any other document about the 21-day old Eliezer's alleged death.

    Similarly vast number of cases, engulfed by Sephardi Jew children tragedies, were heard at Beit Agron by the investigating committee, chaired by the retired Supreme Court Judge Yehuda Cohen. One of testimonies came from Rabbi Menachem Porush, who used to be Secretary of the Agudat Israel Party. Which held a Welfare Ministry portfolio during Ben-Gurion's regime. Within that particularly notorious period when Sephardi Jew infants were abducted an mass. Mr Porush recolled that he actually discussed the matter with the Israeli Prime Minister Ben-Gurion. Who in a hostile way asked Porush for a proof, before ever being bothered about it at all.

    At this point a man yelled towards Rabbi Porush, while persistently demanding from him to reveal all that he really knew. As a result in such circumstances authorities sought guard's intervention. Who asked a vocal man to leave the hearing room. What made only a rebel to became even more furious, to yell that he himself used be a police officer. A way back, so he knew all about it. What only attracted extra guards attention to remove ex-copper by force. As an entire press contingent followed to find out more about that persone, who used to be high ranked Police Superintendent Yitzhak Kerem. Forced to quit the force when he endeavoured to continue legitimate probe into Israeli system corruption at the highest level.

    Then as a hearing process was about to continue along the Rabbi Porush's testimony, yet an another observer Mr Yinon Gispan began interjecting and yelling at the committee members, claiming that they all were engaged in a connived cover-up. Subsequently as angrily raved Mr Gispan left the hearing room, he called upon everyone who agreed with him to leave as well. Thus half of the audience got up and walked out with Mr Gispan, along with a most of the media contingent. Just as rumours spread around, alleging that Israeli TV Arutz 2 reporter Matti Cohen had said that Rabbi Porush gave him quite a few names of the people involved in a case "off the record" as Mr Porush was afraid to reveal these names publicly.

    At that stage a woman in the audience stood up and said calmly, 'Matti Cohen is right here. Why to argue about it, when you can just ask Matti Cohen'? Resultant impasse attracted a guard who removed that woman as well from the hearing room. Nevertheless a minute later, the investigating committee called upon Matti Cohen to testify. Who flipped flopped by saying that he had blown Rabbi Porush's words out-of-proportion. Claiming that Mr Porush had only conveyed names of the people in positions of power at the time. Who were still alive, so committee should have therefore called them to provide new information.

  • Leo Braun

    At the time Matti Cohen told the (wishy-washy) committee that he would surrender a tape recording of the entire 19 minute discussion with Rabbi Porush. What took place during a press conference given by 'Mishkan Ohalim'. Covering dialogue between Israeli TV Arutz 2 reporter Matti Cohen and Mr Porush, who used to be Secretary of the Agudat Israel Party. Which held a Welfare Ministry portfolio in Ben-Gurion's regime. Most of the mainstream Israeli media attended that press conference, as well as did Knesset Members Rabbi Benny Elon (of the extreme right Moledet party) and Eliezer 'Mudi' Zandberg (of the extreme right Tsomet party). Present was also Rabbi Yaakov Silvani of 'Mishkan Ohalim' (Rabbi Uzi Meshulam's organization, owned by former Agudat Israel Knesset member Avraham Shapira).

    Consequently Rabbi Silvani noted a dozen of cases where "lost" children found their families. In each such case Israeli regime committee sent to child-victims and Sephardi Jew families 'Case Closed' annotations without revealing this ever to press or public. One case involved a man named Uri Vachtel, who addressed the press conference by phone from abroad. Who was scheduled to visit Israel after Succot. He was actually born as Paltiel Ben-Tov in the Ein-Shemer. Paltiel / Uri was moved to the Wizo Institute from Atlit Immigrant's Camp, where his parents were living at the time. Ultimately stolen from his parents, renamed 'Uri', was given for the adoption abroad by the Wizo institute to the Vachtel family.

    Paltiel / Uri recalled yet an another boy named Chaim who was also taken at the time from Atlit Immigrant's Camp to the WIZO Instiute. Uri said he would undergo DNA tests in US before coming to Israel. A lawyer Yaakov Harrari for the Vachtel's case raised at the press conference the issue of blank birth and death certificates (already signed by the Interior Ministry). These certificates were found with the assistance of Yehudit Hivner (retired high-ranking Interior Ministry official). An article about such blank birth and death certificates actually appeared in June 13th, 1996 edition of 'Yediot Acharonot'. In that article, Hivner was asked to explain how (after the census of 1962) the Interior Ministry sent hundreds of letters to the families of the missing Yemenite children, telling them that their dear ones had 'left the country'.

    Brigadier General David Maimon presented in one instance to Yehudit Hivner two conflicting certificates, one of them saying that a child named Joseph Cohen died on Nov 26th, 1951, while the second stated that the same child left Israel in 1962. So there were many instances where duplicate certificates contradicted one another. Yehudit Hivner personally reviewed hundreds of the certificates herself. She was one of the several people who questioned these contradictions.

    Whilst responses were uniformly the same. In many cases, the names of the biological parents of the ethnic Jew infants adopted in the 50s abroad weren't even known. As a result of a terrible mess created within the records of children who were taken to hospitals. Where children recovered from (?) illnesses identity wasn't known. So there was no possibility for the Zionist charlatan peddlers in human merchandise to return children to their parents (how convenient).

    Without any doubt Mrs Hivner deserves a lots of credit for the very revealing admissions on record, reported in Yediot Aharonot article. 'These children were taken to the institutes and kibbutzim, many were given out for adoption'. Hivner pointed-out that the adopting parents abroad received children of the altered names and ID numbers, so they could not be ever traced.

    Although this issue of the missing Yemenite and other ethnic Jew children is quite known in Israel, it is virtually unheard of abroad. This issue involved many thousands of children who were taken at times forcibly from their biological parents. While in hospitals or childcare homes, courtesy of the Zonist eugenics materplan (infants were sold abroad for the substantial sums which varied from case to case) given out for adoption, while their devastated parents were told that their children had died.

    In most cases, when the humble Sephardi Jew parents asked about the cause of death and requested death certificate or any other such document confirming the death of their loved babies, they were ignored and brushed aside, while their requests went unanswered by zionazi operatives. Grief stricken parents never saw any death body. In most cases, not even a burial site would be shown. In a few cases, however, where phoney grave spots were indicated to families … they dug it up to discover a spot to be obviously empty.

    Certainly none of the parents believed that their so beloved, endowed with the joy of life, healthy babies to die overnight all of a sudden and then vanish without a trace. Think about it, a massive scale of the inflicted tragedy, courtesy of activities carried out by the ruthless zionazi doctors, nurses, social workers and such other evil connives within the supremacist Zionist established "safe haven" mandate. Based on the vast experience, derived from the bloody ordeals perpetration by zionazis in concentration camps.

    Some may have heard "moral" justifications given by Zionist spin doctors for taking an exclusively Sephardi Jew children (for their own good) from their natural parents, but we know perfectly well that such fascist atrocities are as legitimate as ethnic cleansing eugenics. The only real reason for such a massive scale devised abductions of the infants, while their school age siblings were tackled with X-Rays radiation, to fry their brain. People in positions of the Zionist power ever since the creation "safe haven" mandate over dead Palestinian bodies profited always from the abductions and sale of infants from the impoverish Sephardi Jew families. At the same time Zionist counterparts rooted downunder, contributed to the missing generations in the Ghetto Australis.