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Defending a charlatan

David Klinghoffer is a Zionist writer, neo-conservative radical and defender of Jack Abramoff. His reasons for forgiving the fraudster are intriguing and typical of the arrogance associated with Zionist exceptionalism. Klinghoffer thinks that Abramoff did good things for the Jews – “supporting causes like Toward Tradition, two Orthodox schools, two kosher restaurants, and through private gifts to the needy” – and has apologised for his crimes, so critics should stop condemning him.

It is a deluded perspective. Because Jews assist other Jews – including funding Zionist extremists in the occupied territories – it doesn’t mean they are above the law, nor better human being. Jews exist with other people, non-Jews, and must abide by the laws of the land. Abramoff did not and should be punished. His deeds were not good simply because he was a Jew. Society should not treat somebody different because they are a Jew and have issued “regret.”

Klinghoffer seemingly believes that individuals like Abramoff are essentially good people – and wholesome Jews – and the law should take this into account. Perhaps they should move to a religious state like Israel, where such behaviour is both celebrated and encouraged.

  • Addamo

    Klinghoffer seems to believe that it is the respnsibility of humanity to look after Jews adn Israel. Pretty warped reality. What makes the other members of humanity any less deserving? The holocaust?

  • Antony Loewenstein

    He doesn't say it, but rest assured, he probably believes it.

  • Chris

    Abramoff was convicted of fraud? Seems he does the same thing that Hamas does minus sending off suicide bombers and vowing to destroy Israel and praying in mosques where they preach that Jews descend from Apes and Pigs and that they should all die.

    Did Abramoff fund extremists or every day Israelis living in the disputed territories? Or are you calling every Israeli living in the disputed territories an extremist? And if so, isn't that sort of bigoted?

    Seems we should not treat Hamas as anything other than the terroristic extremist group it is, regardless of their latest ridiculous offer.

  • Addamo

    You seem to be out of the loop Chris. A few details for you to consider.

    Hamas does not have half of Congress in it's pocket. Slight detail I know.

    Second, Abramoff has not been convicted of fraud because he has confessed to it. Another detail that seems to have slipped you.

    What's going in Chris? You see to be typing these posts from an environment of rarified air. What exactly is the relevance of the questions you are posing in the context of this thread? Yes Abrhamoff funded Israeli extremists. It was revealed that recently that he armed American Israeli settlers so that they could keep pesky Palestinians out of their neighborhoods. It was pointed out that if an American was caught funding Hamas is such a way, he would surely be on charges of aiding and abetting terrorists. Not so when the extremists are Jews.

    So rather than address the fact that Abramoff has indeed confessed to the charges against him, you are trying to stir up and much dust and smoke as possible. You seem to have this knee jerk reaction to any revelation of Israel or it’s enablers that it’s all part of some anti-Jewish conspiracy, and so rather than being sensible, you go looking for ways to justify such behavior.

    It makes you look like a mind controlled fool Chris.

  • Progressive_Atheist

    Abramoff has not only rendered services to Judaism, he has also rendered services to Islamic extremism. After September 11, 2001, Abramoff quit his job as owner of the Sun Cruz lines, which was used by the Al Qaeda terrorists to launder money for use in the September 11 attacks, to work for the General Islamic Bank, which was suspected by the US govt of supplying funds to Al Qaeda. Very strange. This tends to support the idea that Al Qaeda is a false flag Mossad operation, Abramoff being one of its chief operatives.

  • Addamo

    Yes apperntly Mohammad Atta took a trip on one of his gambling casinos.

    This week it wa revealed that he also did deals with Russian leaders. Fingers in a lot of pies.

  • Progressive_Atheist

    I noticed that the Wikipedia entry on Abramoff linking him to Mohammed Atta, one of the Al Qaeda operatives, and the relevant links to that piece of information, has been removed. I don't think Wikipedia is as unbiased on these matters as most people think it is. Wikipedia was started by two Jews, and according to this site, Wikipedia moderators openly admit to a pro-Jewish bias.

  • Chris

    Keep your petty insults at home. I was asking Antony his definition, not yours. I know what yours is.

    What fraud did Abramoff confess to? As for stirring things up, I merely alleged that his charitible endeavors were no different from Hamas. But Israel should deal with this group of suicide bombers but not with Abramoff?

    There is something wrong with allowing Israeli citizens to protect themselves from terrorists? Good thing they do not rely on your opinions.

  • Addamo

    Keep your hissy attitude at home.

    If you ar too laszy to do read abotu Abramoff confessino to fraud that is your choice. He did. that is a matter fo public record. Teh question of chritable endeavours is whther they are ground for leniency. Klinghoffer is arguing that charitiabel endeavours for Jews carries a higher value than any other. Clearly they are not.

    Israel has a IDF and a police force. Taking matters ionto ones own hands in vigilantiism. Especialyl aginst unarmed people.

    But then again, a the only good Palestinian is a dead one right?

  • Chris

    Keep your petty insults at home. By I am flattered at your attempt at imitation. I merely asked what fraud he admitted to, it is important to how Antony Identified abramoff, seemingly the most important of his crimes, so what was it?

    For Jews, righteous endeavors are important. It seems that Justice is to be tempered by mercy. Hamas gets no mercy, despite its charities, because their goal is the destruction of Israel with the inevitible genocide.

    Your not allowed to defend yourself against one who has come to harm you because he is unarmed? Sounds very strange.

  • Addamo

    It's to be commended that "For Jews, righteous endeavors are important" but this is entirely irrelvant to the charges Abramoff confessed to. What is particularly distasteful is Klinghoffers assertion the charity towards Jews carries greater weight then any other charitable efforts.

    Your comment about Hams is typical hate filled diatribe, riddled with bias and inaccuracies. Once again, you ignore the fact that Hamas would never have risen to promise were it not for Israel, so we should credit them with creating a monster.

    It's not for wing nuts like you to decide whether they get mercy or not, but delusions of grandeur usually go hand in hand with fanaticism.

    While Hamas speak of genocide, Israel actually perpetrates it in silence. Like Captain, your pretzel logic dictates that words are more relevant than actions.

    Michael Isikoff reported this about Abramoff:

    "More than $140,000 of foundation funds were actually sent to the Israeli West Bank where they were used by a Jewish settler to mobilize against the Palestinian uprising. Among the expenditures: purchases of camouflage suits, sniper scopes, night-vision binoculars, a thermal imager, and other material described in foundation records as 'security' equipment. The FBI, sources tell Newsweek, is now examining these payments as part of a larger investigation to determine if Abramoff defrauded his Indian tribe clients."

    The fraudulently obtained money funded a paramilitary outfit based in the ultra-Orthodox settlement of Beitar Illit, a large community annexed after the '67 war and the site of renewed building in open violation of the American-sponsored "road map." The conduit for the money was one Schmuel Ben-Zvi, an old buddy of Abramoff's who, like so many Americans, was recruited into the rabidly expansionist Israeli "settler" movement. A series of e-mails between Ben-Zvi and Abramoff illustrate the agenda that energized and inspired the Abramoff crime family. While Newsweek reports Ben-Zvi "heatedly denied" that he had any connection to Abramoff, other than being a high school bud from Abramoff's Hollywood days, the e-mails, featured as exhibits in a Senate Indian Affairs committee hearing, tell a different story. In a missive of thanks from Ben-Zvi to Abramoff, the former writes:

    "I feel like the tank commanders in the Yom Kippur war, who when hearing over the radio that reinforcements were coming, felt so great that they raised their seats higher out of the tank hatch and went forward."

    Abramoff replied: "If only there were another dozen of you the dirty rats would be finished."

    So Chris, you can your fellow travellers can salivate at the thought of teh repate ofthe Yom Kippur war. The only good Palstinian is a dead Palestinian isn't that right?

    Yes, charity indeed.

  • Chris

    Keep your petty insults at home.

    For Jews, such acts of righteousness for other Jews, is to be performed before such acts for those not Jewish. Sorry that you find it distasteful but I believe most would think it appropriate to fix your family before you fix someone elses family.

    My comment about Hamas is fairly accurate. What foundation funds? How were the Indians defrauded? Was this not payment to Abramoff for services rendered? Seems they loved the work he did for them. In fact, the wording in the article suggests that the Indians were not defrauded.

    Jews were aided in defending themselves during a Palestinian uprising. Doesn't sound like those palestinians were some unarmed peacible people just going about their business.

  • Addamo

    You are misquoting me. I as stating that Klinghoffer is assering that in a western socirty that purports to treat all mean equally, acts of kindness to jews whoudl be viewed as more worthy than acts of kindness to nn jews. That is nothign more that racial superiority.

    Indians were defruded becauise they gave mpney to abramoff, believing it woudl be towards campaign donation. Instead, Abramoff took the money and gave it to the Israeli settlers. It was not money for services rendered. And contrary to your assumption, they have expressed outrage at his actions.

    They were defraude and Abramoff has confessed ot eh charges, so perhaps you should give up making a case for Abramoff that does not exist.

  • Chris

    I did not quote you. I made statements reguarding the Jewish concept of righteous behavior aiding one's family before anothers.

    So the nature of the fraud was over supposed campaign contributions. This was not like people donating money to charities in the disputed territories to feed the hungry, and the money, in turn, was sent to Hamas to recruit suicide bombers.

    Your quoted article "The FBI, sources tell Newsweek, is now examining these payments as part of a larger investigation to determine if Abramoff defrauded his Indian tribe clients.” made it sound like it was uncertain that this campaign money story was the actual one.

    I certainly would be outraged that the money I gave to bribe politicians in order to enrich my pockets was used to help protect innocent women and childeren from potential arab terrorists.

    Forgive me for being a little incredulous at your description of the emotional state of his Indian clients.

    But Abramoff's actions in this regard were wrong. I'm sure there is a moral to this story somewhere.

  • Addamo

    The Indian tribes have been exploited and what they choose to do with their money is theiur business not yours. They have no allegiance to Israel's cause and in fact, probably have greater empathy for the paelsitnain cause, which like their own, onvolves the disposession and theft of land and murder of it'e people.

    What made the Indians further incensed was that Abramoff was also accepting money from competing groups who's aims were in direct conflict with the first group. How very Zionist of him.

  • Chris

    Never said my concerns over what they do with their money overides theirs. Just seems rather funny what you term to be outrage. It seems to me, from the lack of news, that there isn't much outrage at all.

    As for Indians having any empathy for Palestinians, there seems to be little of that also. I'm not saying that there isn't any, it's that there is little.

  • orang

    The guy's a big time crook. The fact that he helps zionist causes makes him an endearing big time crook – to zionists.