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Planting hate

Who started the Iranian badge story? The art of black propaganda appears to be alive and well.

  • Addamo

    Taheri is fast becomming a joke in the same vein of his colleagues, Krauthammer and Perle.

    The initial oytrage to this story was in the high decibels, but the retractions have been barely audible.

  • Looks like propaganda indeed.

    But the source? I'd say an Iranian opposition group.

    Hopefully the US or Israel had no hand in it or association with hungry opposition groups.


  • Addamo


    Sorry to say that this has Israel wriotten all over it, or at least, Israel's amen corner.

    This story percolated throughout the world via a column by one Amir Taheri, an Iranian exile whose work is distributed and promoted by Benador Associates, which specializes in disseminating neocon war propaganda. Journalist Jim Lobe painted a picture of Eleana Benador, a Peruvian-born publicist for such neocon luminaries as Richard Perle, Jim Woolsey, Michael Ledeen, Frank Gaffney, Charles Krauthammer, Max Boot, and Victor Davis Hanson, that testifies as to how and why this story took off with such meteoric showiness.

  • Intersting. Thanks Addamo

  • captain

    Wow, a genuine conspiracy, complete with a lack of facts. Must be Israel as only Jews would be this clever and evil to smear a country that is so peaceful and accommodating of its ethnic minorities. After all, genius Addumbo will tell you that the Jews of Iran are thriving. So he must be right about this too. His evidence there: the population was reduced by 90% and the remainder were too frightened of criticizing Ahamadashell.

    Of course it would be too simple to expect that a country who claims the holocaust is a myth, actively promotes Holocaust denial, calls for Israel's destruction, openly lies to the international community about its nuclear technology, a country who parades missiles with banners saying "death to Israel" and who sponsors Hezbollah could ever make Jews wear little yellow badges. That seems completely outrageous and out of character!

  • Addamo

    Ah Captain,

    When in doubt. build a straw man right? Facts be damned.

    And of course, no Cretin post would be complete without a little bait and switch to steer the topic in another direction.

    1. This thread was about the fake badges story, not Iran.
    2. Taheri is affiliated Benador Associates,
    3. Benador Associates does also represent Richard Perle, Jim Woolsey, Michael Ledeen, Frank Gaffney, Charles Krauthammer, Max Boot, and Victor Davis Hanson.
    4. All of these characters are fanatical Zionists.
    5. All of these l;unatics were in favor of the Iraq war
    6. All of the lunatics are opposed to dioplomacy with iran and in favor of military action.

    Also, Captain does another sly trick by mentioning that Iran's Jewish population decreased by 90% after 1978, but fails to mention it has since increased by 100%.

    Iran did not say the holocaust was a myth, but questioned it's historical accuracy. A fair question that will land you in prison in 11 countries if you were to pose it.

    Captain, knowing little about anything, also poses a lie by insisting that Iran has lied about it's nuclear program, when there is not a shred of evidence of wrongdoing on their part. Captain purposely fails to mention that Israel lied and continues to lie about it’s won nuclear program.

    Captain, ignores that Hezbollah is a politically recognised organisation, that booted Israel out of Lebanon, when Israel had no business being there.

    Captain ignores that the US has supported terrorist organisation and is currently using a an organisation listed by the State Department as a terrorist organisation, to subvert Iran.

    But best of all, Captain insists that it doesn’t matter that this story is a fraud, because he insists that "Hezbollah could" make Jews wear little yellow badges, which according to him, is the same as doing so.

    One wonders what Captain has to say about Zionists whores like the appropriately names New York Congressmember, Anthony Weiner, who is attempting to force the Palestinian delegation at the United Nations to leave the United States. Weiner, successfully added his amendment to the bill banning aid to the Palestinian Authority passed earlier this week. He referred to the delegation by saying that "They should start packing their little Palestinian terrorist bags."

  • Captain

    1) Iran did say the Holocaust was a myth. You are merely an ignorant fellow traveller
    2) Iran has openly stated that it has lied to the world about its nuclear program
    3) The story is of course about Iran and not just badges. It is astonishing that you are ignorant about this too. Had the story appeared about america, no one would have believed it at all. It is only because of Iran's wildly antisemitic leaders that it was plausible in the first instance.
    4) Yes Hezbollah is a political organisation that uses guns and bombs as modis operandis as compared to argument and debate.
    5) Once again, this has nothing to do with Israel despite your feeble attempts to make it so
    6) You think that a string of associations is a substitute for facts. This is the common fallacy of conspiratorialists. Whose to say Iran didn't start the story to discredit its detractors. An equally fallacious and spurious argument could be contructed according to your logic.

    Try again. D-

  • Addamo

    1) If Iran said that the Holocaust was a myth, then their conventino to investigaet the evidence of it would be in directo contradiction of that position would it not?

    2) Three or 4 years ago perhaps. Israel has been lying for what, 40 years?

    3) Those who panted the story did so to exploit the ignorance of the West about Iran. You woudl recall that Washington and teh neocons think tanks fed most of the world mountain of BS about Saddam and ties to Al Qaeda also. One could argue that this was poausuble becasue they are all Muslims.

    4) Yes Israel is a political organisation that uses guns and bombs, as well as Apache Helicopters and Abrahms tanks as modis operandis as compared to argument and debate.

    5) Those who spread this fraud were clearly motivated by a desire to demonise Iran. The fact that the story centred around Jews is evidence enough those responsible are from teh Israeli amen corner.

    6) Ironically you seem to forget what a conspiracy is. It takes a group of people to forcge a conspiracy, and I am quite certain more than one perspon was involved. The story was penned by Amir Taheri, an Irnaian exile, whos affiliations with neocons is easily proven.

  • Captain

    1) There is no "if" they did say that and they launched a platform for Holocaust deniers. They are not doing serious research.

    2) Israel has not lied about its nuclear capability. It has been an official position to neither confirm nor deny nuclear weapons. Iran has been compulsively lying and is quite open about it.

    3) Iraq, Saddam etc are completely irrelevant to this. Another pathetic straw man.

    4) Yes, Israel kills terrorists. Bravo! Hezbollah kills innocent people as a way of effecting political change. Your biases and racism prevent you from seeing the difference.

    5) Those who spread the fraud were clearly motivated to be discredited by the Iranians and therefore it stands to reason that Iran was behind it. Thats your logic.

    6) Ironically, you seem to think that people do not lie to journalists.

  • Addamo

    1) Tehran invited Jewsih rabbis to partake in the investigation. You don't investigate something after you have arrive at your conclusion.

    2) Give it up Captain. Don't tell me you are that ignorant of the history of Israel's nuclear weapons program? They lied about what they were going to do with the heavy water. They promised france that they wouuld nto produce nukes. When Israel opened up Dimona for inspections, they sealed off and conceealed the extrance to the lower levels where the enrichment wa taking place.

    3) The badges article was a hit and run, intended to create histeria in the public mind. Even with a retraction, the story still has an effect on those ignorant to the retraction. Saddam and Al Qaeda was the same propaghanda tehcnique.

    4) Israel kills people, women and children included. Israel's own human rights organisation states that almost half fo those killed are innocents.

    5) For the umpteenth time, the story was written by an Iranian exile.

    6) People do not have to lie to journalists who do the lying for them.

  • Captain

    Oh, I forgot, there is nothing to be gained from arguing with a stupid conspiratorialist. Its good that you qualified that the invited rabbis were Jewish.