Best-selling journalist Antony Loewenstein trav­els across Afghanistan, Pakistan, Haiti, Papua New Guinea, the United States, Britain, Greece, and Australia to witness the reality of disaster capitalism. He discovers how companies such as G4S, Serco, and Halliburton cash in on or­ganized misery in a hidden world of privatized detention centers, militarized private security, aid profiteering, and destructive mining.

Disaster has become big business. Talking to immigrants stuck in limbo in Britain or visiting immigration centers in America, Loewenstein maps the secret networks formed to help cor­porations bleed what profits they can from economic crisis. He debates with Western contractors in Afghanistan, meets the locals in post-earthquake Haiti, and in Greece finds a country at the mercy of vulture profiteers. In Papua New Guinea, he sees a local commu­nity forced to rebel against predatory resource companies and NGOs.

What emerges through Loewenstein’s re­porting is a dark history of multinational corpo­rations that, with the aid of media and political elites, have grown more powerful than national governments. In the twenty-first century, the vulnerable have become the world’s most valu­able commodity. Disaster Capitalism is published by Verso in 2015 and in paperback in January 2017.

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Us good, Arabs bad

Armchair war-monger Mark Steyn is visiting Australia (perhaps to advise the Australian government how to invade a few Middle Eastern countries next Wednesday afternoon.) His analysis last night on ABC television (after advocating war with Syria)?

TONY JONES: We’ve just had a war in Iraq and it hasn’t worked out very well so far.

MARK STEYN: I would disagree with that. 

A great mind lands on our shores.

  • Suze

    Next time someone says this all started over the kidnapping of soldiers I am going to laugh in their faces. The US doesn't even try to conceal now that this agenda was set long ago.

  • Glenn Condell

    One of the uglier armchair generals of the Ministry of Misinformation. One imagines him cheerfully picking off sand niggers with Big Dick Cheney, though at a safe distance from the great man of course, especially after lunch.

  • One day, when all this is over, someone will sift through the smoking ruins and find a long history of contacts between the US neo-conservatives and the Howard Liberals.

    I have been watching the Bush regime closely for the past three three years and the coincidence of thought, logic and actions with their Australian enablers is more than passing strange. The UK Blair government is also complicit, of course.

    No surprise that pro-Israeli-aggression media barons like Rupert Murdoch hold sway in all three countries.

  • Alex Spalck

    Can Mark Steyn be charged under the new anti-sedition laws?

    In his terrifying appearance on Lateline he advocated:

    a) The overthrow of foreign governments

    b) Support to terrorist actions against civilians in Iran

    c) Perennial warfare (does it remind anyone of Osama??)

    I'd love to see him charged and put away under Ruddock's laws, it would be so ironic…

  • orang

    What gandhi says – whenever Howard comes up with a statement regarding the ME you know it has been pre-approved by the White House.

    This mark-I hate muslims with a passion-steyn character, and another, daniel pipes , who the hell sponsors these hate filled toads?

  • shaggydabbydo

    If anyone knows when Mark Steyn is coming to the UK, let me know – I'd like to make a citizens arrest.

  • orang

    I'd like to kick him in the crotch

  • Roonaldo

    Steyn appears to be a grade A psycho. He needs to be met at the airport by a pyschiatric care team and taken in to receive medication.

  • viva peace


  • dermot

    Steyn was spreading good-cheer, war and destruction. Tony Jones' matey attitude and was frightening. Was this some sort of stupid 'balance' thing?

  • Suze

    I don't know- I think the ABC has been Fairfaxed. The whole Lateline take on things seems to be drifting inexorably to the right – they have 0 critical analysis to offer on most issues now. The whole aboriginal community investigation has been incredibly superficial. I listen to the radio now. The last frontier.

  • Aaron Lane

    Mark Steyn has some opinions that I disagree with, and a lot of opinions that most of the commenters here appear to disagree with. He is, however, a thousand times more intelligent than you,Antony, writes wittily, articulately and fluently, and is well-read, educated and has a wide range of interests. You appear to have no interests or areas of expertise outside of providing endless and banal criticisms of Israel, and yet you feel qualified to pronounce Steyn an idiot, simply because his political opinions differ from your own.

  • Addamo

    A thousand times more enlightened? Aaron, I thin it’s time you changed your routine and left your bedroom at least twice a week.

    According to whom is Steyn enlightened Aaron? You? The guy is clearly a chicken hack and a war madman. Who gives a crap how articulate and fluent his writing, when the content is such garbage? I dare say that Goebells was also articulate.

    Being well read and educated is hardly proof of intelligence. One need ony read articles by lunatics like Horotwitz and self contradictory screeds by Dershowitz to know that.

    You appear to have no interests or areas of expertise outside of providing endless and banal criticisms of Israel, and yet you feel qualified to pronounce Steyn an idiot, simply because his political opinions differ from your own.

    What the hell are you alleviating about Aaron? This whole interview is entirely about Israel. Ah so here comes the truth. Like so many Zionist moonbats, you believe that Ant is not allowed to disagree with Steyn.

    What is it with you people Aaron. You start by saying that you disagree with Steyn, along with most of us, then you castigate Ant for also disagreeing with him.

    So much of this what Steyn says in this interview is blatantly false propaganda.

    For example, he peddels the lie that Hezbollah challenges Lenbanon’s sovereignty,which ciontradicts the fact that Hezbollah is not only 100% Lebanese, but also part fo the Lebanese government.

    One does not havbe to be an expert to understand that, which makes Steyn a liar or an idiot.

    He is happy to lament that residents of Haifa live in bomb shelters, while ignoring that over a million Lebanese a homeless refugees.

    Jonathan Cook is in Israel and argus that the IDF are just as guilty of hiding among civilians and are Hezbollah. He asks the following question:

    ….Israel has located most of its army camps, weapons factories, and military installations near or inside civilian communities. If a Hezbollah rocket slams into an Israeli town with a weapons factory, should we count that as an attack on civilians or on a military site?

    He also states that:

    The claim being made against Hezbollah in Lebanon – that it is "cowardly blending" with civilians, according to the UN's Jan Egeland – can, in truth, be made far more convincingly of the Israeli army.

    So who is endangering civilians here?

    One does not need to bwe qualified to decry Steyn and idiot. It is entirely self evident.

  • M.Mayes

    I don’t know- I think the ABC has been Fairfaxed. The whole Lateline take on things seems to be drifting inexorably to the right

    I'll beg to differ on that one suze. Steyn was extreme, if he wasnt so charismatic and laid back people would probably lock him up for warmongering. However its fairly rare that lateline does this kind of thing and if nothing else, extreme views like Steyn's simply put everyone elses views ito perspective.

    Aaron Lane, what qualifications does one need to call Steyn an idiot, a warmongerer or anything else? what qualifications does one need to speak their mind? and indeed what qualifications (if they are so needed) do you have to comment on Loewenstein's criticism of Israeli policy?

  • viva peace

    Yet another thread where the elephant takes up most of the room. The elephant is not "Arab." The elephant's name starts with "I" 😉

  • Suze

    Ooh Ooh let me guess….Icecream, no, uh Iceland…. Israel, the elephant is Israel!

    Can I have my reward now.

  • viva peace


    Well at least somebody on this blog can finally say "Isreal" rather than Zionist…blah, blah, blah…

  • Addamo


    When I insist on using the world Israel whcih I usulyl do), I get accused of wanting to use the word Jew.

  • Suze

    You appear to have no interests or areas of expertise outside of providing endless and banal criticisms of Israel..

    Banal- you think criticising Israel's policies in Gaza and the West Bank is banal, Aron? Policies that are frighteningly approximate to apartheid, which lead the commanders of the IDF in those regions to be charged with war crimes, which in July alone resulted in the death of 163 palestinians in Gaza, half of them civilians. The only contect in which banal can be used in relation to these policies is Hannah Arendt's.

  • orang

    Who is Hannah Arendt?

  • viva peace


    A mid 20th century German-Jewish political theorist. She wrote "The origins of Totalitarianism" and 'Eichmann in Jerusalem." She coined the phrase "the banality of evil."

    She is adored by leftists. I find her to be a bit of an apologist of fascism and in denial about the magnitude of the Holocaust. She also spent many years screwing arch Nazi Heidegger.

    I hope this helps.

  • viva peace

    Say what you will about Steyn but what the far-Left Israel-haters would give to have even one of their cheerleaders with 10% of his wit, intelligence, and style.

  • Suze

    Oh hello- Hannah Arendt is a hocaust denier. Wow- Historical revisionist par excellence, Viva

  • orang

    Thanks for the Hannah Arendt, agree on the wit of the sick bastard Steyn, he goes down well over at Blair's site ..How many Palis does it take to…

    As for "intelligence" in the area of the ME he is like an idiot savant you have to admire his skill but is so hysterically afraid of muslims he is dysfunctional.

  • Suze

    The Bush Doctrine, which is a push for liberty throughout the Middle East, doesn't mean that the people elect pro-Washington clients. That's not what it's about. It's about the virtue of responsible government in and of itself, even if they elect people who hate Washington.

    This is from Steyn's interview on Rn with Mark Colvin. I mean?? does he really believe this claptrap?

  • Addamo_01


    You could not have put it better. Without Washingotn's puppet governments in power, there is no Bush Doctrine.