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  • max

    A jewish colleague observed to me many months ago that Israel had privatised and was controlled by 11 families. He was quite despondent about the Israel predicament. Even more so in that regard, than any threat from Iran.

    I have had the feeling for some years that the real threat to democracy are the corporate fascists.

    In Australia we have been also selling all to private enterprise, assets that once belonged to the 'people'.

    Seems that whoever controls the world is well above religious differences and has power/control in mind and uses racism/religion (e.g. the concocted war on terrorism) to progress their control.

    If the corporate controllers are identified, then the people can black ball their financial interests and regain some semblence of independence and freedom.

    The blogs proposing the balckballing of Fox News because of their balckout on Ron Paul is one example worth watching.


  • gandhi

    Ant, still with the Jeff Jarvis links? This is a guy who (a) previously tried to bully Google News, (b) called Juan Cole "pond scum", (c) helped set up bogus pro-US blogs in Iraq, and (d) refuses to properly apologize for his role in promoting the war.

    Oh yeah, and he joked that Abu Ghraib would make a good sitcom.