Is Israel mature enough to understand the value of rights?

An instructive op-ed in Haaretz by media consultant Gilad Heiman that offers the Jewish state some advice that will probably be ignored:

Israeli public relations stems entirely from the Zionist Israeli narrative, without any genuine attempt being made to learn the language of human rights, which is dominant in international public discourse. We expect the world to support us because we are more liberal, educated and democratic than our neighbors, without understanding that those very qualities cause the world to judge us more severely. The very fact that we are so similar to the Western countries leads the public in those countries to criticize us harshly, as to them we constitute an ugly reflection of themselves, as South Africa did in the past.

The time has come to change our behavior. In the contest to see who is more unfortunate, and which children are suffering more, those in Sderot or those in Gaza, we will always be the losers. Instead, we have to try to adopt the Western discourse on rights and back up what we say with deeds. The boycott of the Goldstone Commission was a mistake. Now we have to see how it can be mended.

  • Kevin Charles Herber

    The short answer is "no".

    Israel & its Australian diaspora regularly display the social & political maturity of a 

    a chimpanzee (my apologies to the chimpanzee community). 

  • Paul

    Comparing Jews to apes – nice crowd you have here Antony.

  • Kevin Charles Herber


    Paul: your weak attempt to classify me as a racist fails miserably; the anti-semitic card just doesn't play anymore on these pages.

    More than 5 million Palestinians have been living under the jackboot of the IDF for 43 years…and you're feigning offence at my clearly sarcastic remark.

    And to think you support the apartheid, racist State of Israel…..I reckon the Ku Klux Klan has more credibility than Israel right now.

    Offended are you?…stiff cheddar.


  • iResistDe4iAm

    A more pertinent question is….

    Does Israel have any potential leaders mature enough to understand the value of rights?

    Unfortunately, any potential Israeli 'FW de Klerk' would meet the same fate as Yitzhak Rabin.