Best-selling journalist Antony Loewenstein trav­els across Afghanistan, Pakistan, Haiti, Papua New Guinea, the United States, Britain, Greece, and Australia to witness the reality of disaster capitalism. He discovers how companies such as G4S, Serco, and Halliburton cash in on or­ganized misery in a hidden world of privatized detention centers, militarized private security, aid profiteering, and destructive mining.

Disaster has become big business. Talking to immigrants stuck in limbo in Britain or visiting immigration centers in America, Loewenstein maps the secret networks formed to help cor­porations bleed what profits they can from economic crisis. He debates with Western contractors in Afghanistan, meets the locals in post-earthquake Haiti, and in Greece finds a country at the mercy of vulture profiteers. In Papua New Guinea, he sees a local commu­nity forced to rebel against predatory resource companies and NGOs.

What emerges through Loewenstein’s re­porting is a dark history of multinational corpo­rations that, with the aid of media and political elites, have grown more powerful than national governments. In the twenty-first century, the vulnerable have become the world’s most valu­able commodity. Disaster Capitalism is published by Verso in 2015 and in paperback in January 2017.

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Attacking a Jew who dares to welcome Richard Goldstone

The price sometimes paid for simply being a Jew who questions Zionist dogma (and who do you think was behind these actions?)

The Berkeley, Calif. home of Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor of the progressive Tikkun magazine, was vandalized with posters.

The posters, attached to his door and the fence around his home, attack Lerner personally, and also attack liberals and progressives as being supporters of terrorism and “Islamofascism,” according to a news release from the magazine. The attack occurred late on Sunday night or early Monday morning. It was discovered on Monday morning.

The attack follows a week in which the magazine and Lerner received hate mail,  apparently because Tikkun magazine announced that it will award Judge Richard Goldstone, author of the controversial  United Nations report that accused Israel and Hamas of war crimes and possible crimes against humanity during the winter 2009 Gaza war, with its  prestigious Tikkun Award,as well as Lerner’s offer to hold Goldstone’s grandson’s bar mitzvah in San Francisco following threats of protests outside the synagogue in South Africa.

This is the first time in 24 years of the magazine’s operation that Lerner’s home has been attacked, according to the magazine’s statement.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack, though the statement blamed “right-wing Zionists.”

The case is being investigated as an act of vandalism. It reportedly is not a hate crime, according to police, because Lerner was being attacked for his politics, not his religion.

  • delia ruhe

    Sheesh!  And I thought goyishe politics was nasty.  Can't hold a candle to what's happening in the Jewish community.

    What I'm puzzling over right now is this:  there have been a lot of "civil wars" involving diasporas and their "mother" countries.  They are news items, and then the public loses interest.  But when Israel and the Jewish diaspora engage in that kind of politics, every non-Israeli and non-Zionist and non-Jew on the planet gets splattered on.

    Today, in Canada, we've got a witch hunt going on for all those zillions of Canadian antisemites who "delegitimize" Israel, thus providing overwhelming proof that antisemitism in Canada hasn't been this bad "since the end of WWII," to quote the parliamentary committee in charge of this witch hunt.   Whether it will eventually produce another layer of anti-hate legislation remains to be seen.

    How did the goyim get involved in these Jews-against-Jews hostilities, and how can we extricate ourselves?

  • Mallee

    Eons ago I tried to stop a viscious neighbourhood street fight between a son in law and his father in law, only to have both of them turn on me. Tried once to have a young couple make peace, only many years later, have one of them report what I allegedly said to the one on the side in an attempt to console her.

    So, we do not to put ourselves in a situation where we have to 'extricate ourselves', we just keep out of it all togetner and go play 'goyim' with the 'infidels' and 'heathens'.

    So, we get out of the Middlle East and the surrounds NOW. It is not our friggin fight and it is not worth the 'fingernail' of one of our Aussie soldiers. (nor no doubt, any Canadian, German, American, Tongan etc. , fingernails)

    (Some people will appreciate the 'fingernail' citation!!)

  • Mallee

    On a short reflection and to be fair I should provide a refence to the 'fingernail' citation.

    "One million Arabs are not worht a Jewish fingernail'.

    RabbiYaacov Perrin: Feb 27, 1994 New York Times. Feb 28 1994 p.1

    The refence is also at Number 24 at:

    http or

    just search 'infamous Israel Quotes concerning Palestine'.

    Can't wait to see our Shaun deal with numbers 25 and 26 and explain how; 'I'm-a-dinner–jam-Iranian-President' cannot get anywhere near expressing the hate and superiority as expressed in some of the  reported quotes.

    Of course, the present Israel-Palestine problem can be understood when one reads Ariel  Sharon's comment reported at No 21. 

    Shaun: Are you helping to move, run and grab as many hilltops as you can……so that "……everything we take now will stay ours' ???? Seems so!

  • Shaun

    Let's see now, you provide a link to a 911 conspiracy theory site as a place for me to find evidence for how terrible Jews are.  You're a living breathing stereotype Mallee.

    I know for a fact that some Jews have said stupid and hateful things in the past and I have no doubt that some Jews will say stupid and hateful things in the future.  What is your point?  The same exercise can be repeated for the 'Palestinians' and I assure you that you will find more than 27 instances of Arabs saying hateful things about Jews and you wont have to go back as far as 1895 to find them. Perhaps you are trying to convince people that because some Jew once said a mean thing that all Jews are therefore bad?.  Considering the sort of people attracted to your 911 troof sites, you probably are.  Good luck with that.

  • Mallee

    Shaun dear fellow, it is the information within that is relevant not the site itself.  If I quoted from the Daily Telegraph, would you think me a cretin   for reading the Telegraph? It just came up in a search, try it, see if it comes up in the first page. Do you deny the quotes?

    Yep, people say dreadful things. You,  have been consistent in bringing up what Arabs have said and believe, sorry if I upset you with a reference that gave some balance to the expressions of  intent, hate, greed, conquest, killing and general hatefilled language of the Middle East blurted by both sides. A litle balancing of the fact/s does not go astray. Just handle it.

    My simple plea to Aussies in the circumstances, piss of out of the heatfelull Middle East now, we do not give a stuff, it is not worth a fingernaill of one of our Aussies, whether; Jewsih,, Christian Calathumpian or whatever, no Ausies in the middle East, period.

    Now Shaun, if you are an Aussie what do  you say about Australian forces staying out of the miserable area?  

    That includes Afghanistan Iran andd every other blinkin country that General Wesley Clark spoke of when he was told in 2001, just after 9/11, that the US was going to war against 9 countries ending with Iran. You can see the u-tube interview with a decent search. (Avoid links that might take you to a 'twoofer' site or the daily Telegraph!)

  • Don

    Good question , Mallee .

    Shaun , whether you are an Aussie or not , what is your answer to Mallee's question –

    " …what do you say about Australian forces staying out of the miserable area ?"

    I have another question  –  are you an Israeli citizen ? You needn't answer that last question if you dont want to , but you do see the potential conflict of interest problem involved in Israel-supporters answering that last question , don't you ? Perhaps a loyalty problem also .



  • Shaun

    As a former Australian soldier, I am in favour of our forces staying at home unless absolutly necessary.  Four generations of my family have served in our defence force and three of them have seen combat.  You can shove your concerns about my loyalty to this country up your arse.

    Don, are you a 'Palestinian'?  Perhaps it is you who has a loyalty problem.

  • Mallee

    That aint an answer Shaun.

  • Don


    I am not Palestinian , nor do I support Palestinian atrocities . And I acknowledge your Australian armed service  . I salute you for that , Shaun – lots of credibility to you for that . .

    But no answer to Malle's question OR to my question . Dont disappoint , Shaun  .

    I am still interested in both questions . You've elected not to answer my question – ok , but what's your reason for not answering Mallee's question ?

    Mallee's question is  –

    ".what do you say about Australian forces staying out of the miserable area" ?

  • Shaun

    Are you really that thick Don?  What part of " I am in favour of our forces staying at home unless absolutly necessary" don't you understand?  Perhaps you could try getting an adult to explain it to you. 

  • Mallee


    Was it absolutely necessary for Australian forces to be sent to Iraq?

    Was it absolutely necessary  for our forces to be sent to Afghanistan?

    Is it absolutely necesary for Australian troops to be in Afghnaistan now?

  • Shaun

    I would say no to all three.

  • Mallee

    So we have had casualties and maiming that were not absolutely necessary. Thanks Mr Howard, Mr Rudd and soon, Mr. abbott. Tell that to the families of the victims.

  • Shaun

    And what the hell does any of this have to do with some posters being stuck on the house of a Rabbi in San Francisco? 

    Just for future reference, this blog is about Antony's dislike of Israel and Judaism – not Shaun's life story or his theories on the appropriate deployment of Australian military capability.  Please try to stick to the topic.

  • Mallee

    Run rabbit run!

  • Shaun

    Pretty tough online aren't you.

  • Mallee

    and I suppose your uninformed allegtion that I am a 'chickenhawk' was not a demonstration of your being 'Mr Tough' on line. Hypocrite!

  • Shaun

    So you've served then? 

  • Mallee

    "Just for future reference, this blog is about…………………………….- not on Shaun's life story………………………………………………'

    Nor on mallee's!!

  • Shaun

    Thankyou Mallee.  Your display of logic on this thread has given me a great appreciation of the wisdom behind George Bernard Shaw's famous quote:

    Never wrestle with a pig.  You both get dirty and the pig likes it.

    Shalom chazer!

  • Kevin Charles Herber

    Shlaunmo: the ultimate on-line coward.Big on hyperbole…short on facts…a real racist bigot.

    For the record, I object to the clandestine influence the Australian Zionist lobby exerts over Oz politics….the veiled threats delivered second hand to the Government of the day re the "marginals at the next election", the charity & cultural fronts for Israel, the existence of 3 Members for Israel in the Federal Parliament (I'm leaving out Gaza Gillard & Rudd, hicks who are blinded by the $ wealth of their newfound Zionist 'supporters').

    Zionisn has perverted the Australian political process….I object to that very much.