Countless Iranian names whose lives are changed forever

A moving tribute to “Iran’s interrupted lives”, the countless young Iranians imprisoned, beaten, tortured and killed in the name of a perverse Islam.

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  • gordon

    I have often wondered whether there would have been so much repression in places like Russia and China during the Cold War, or Cuba or Nth. Korea or Iran if the Govts. of those countries hadn't been treated like international pariahs. What sort of regime might have grown up in post-Revolutionary Russia if European, North American and even Australian troops hadn't been sent to invade and if arms and money hadn't been sent to the counter-revolutionaries? What kind of Cuba would we have if that little island hadn't been the subject of a trade embargo (not to mention attempted invasion, assassination plots, etc.) for more than fifty years? What kind of China might we now have if the Communist revolution of 1949 hadn't been the signal for international door-closing?

    For that matter, how would the French Revolution have played out without the Duke of Brunswick, his invading army and threatening manifesto? Would there have been a Terror? Would there have been a Napoleon?

    We'll never know the answers to these questions. But I think the issue is real enough for me to feel sceptical of claims about the inherent awfulness of regimes which are subject to sanctions and international abuse. Let's find out how inherently awful they are by not treating them like outcasts. Until that happens, there will always be a lingering doubt about how much of the awfulness we are actually responsible for.