Personal message from Julian Assange


The original message posted here from Julian Assange of Wikileaks, asking for support, has been removed due to a request from those close to the group.

More information will soon appear explaining how we can all support Wikileaks during its time of need.

  • sean bedlam

    I'm excited the world is changing but nauseated at the idea of Assange spending any time in custody. As I understand it the Swedish charges only exist because the CIA leaned on Swedish spooks, but mainstream media seems hugely uninterested in heading off a straight human rights violation happening very publicly.

    At least now we know 'global community' means 'lynch mob'.






  • Tiffany

    Freedom Warriors!  Lets help the man who has set us free from the dictatorship rule!  Even if it is only $1, there are millions of us! 

    Let's show them how this is done…  They will not get us.  This is corruption on the greatest level.  Lets give them the middle finger with our warrior call!  Assange, I appreciate what you have done.  I will help out as much as I can. 


    A graphic designer from Chicago who is outraged to the utmosted degree! 

  • Flor

    Thank you for doing what you do. Elected officials work for us, but they seem to work for their own interests and that of lobbyists and have left us all behind to fend for ourselves.

    Thank you for bringing us the truth about governments. We always thought they were corrupt and you have given us they evidence.

    They are now frantically trying to shoot the messenger and demonize you to keep us distracted against rising up as we should.

    Stay safe…You are my hreo


  • Proud Andromenan

    The media is pushing for Julian to release the key and unveil all of the news at once, a gift for mass media and their sponsors, the multinational corporations that run governments. Once Julian is inside the Swedish system, the media will do what it always does: find the source of the news and pin it to the wall in a ring of cameras and microphones. That is why Julian must remain free, and escape detection.

  • cb

    Can you hide at the Ecuador embassy if they offer you asylum?


  • Gareth Price

    If our countrymen dont rise up and support Assange publicly and through democratic channels I will be ashamed to call myself an Australian. Instead of thinking independently Australia Foreign Affairs Minsiter Smith proclaimed a script that could of been typed by local US embassey officials (with editing from the CIA oporatives).

    We need to rally community action to fight a long term attack on politcal forces and party structures and support e democracies finest hour. To the barricades..ur I mean to the terminals and mouses. It may also run parallel to our need for a paradign shift in logjam in western democracies over Climate Change concerted action and policy.

    Gareth Price, Noosa, Australia.

  • an

    assange is misused via bermuda to dump data after major internet fault and destruction

    and hijack of microsoft, Data transfer is unguided,he is just the host.gathering  the witnesses would provide him absolute protection.

    without witnesses he has no chance to prove he is innocent.

    if i am right

    now he has not even direct access to his own data, certainly not to updated version.

  • genuine support

    All around the globe people need to get out on the streets en masse and proclaim that wikileaks is the way. We cannot allow the state to win on this. It's not the u.s, not sweden, not russia anymore. The word is out now. It's the STATE, and it's going down. Stand up for WIKILEAKS, stand up for Julian Assange, because he is you, if you detest state sponsored terror, state sponsored environmental destruction, state sponsored money laundering and crime then GET UP and do something. MARCH on your nearest house of parliament. Print t- shirts with his beautiful face. Stick it up the STATE, and fuck the Fabians.

    They cannot win when people mobilise non violently. The STATE is crumbling and the new world is emerging. There will be growing pains, but we must persist.

    GET UP and CRUSH THE BASTARDS with our voices and our peaceful support for Julian Assange. NO MORE VILE LIES FROM VILE LIARS.

  • Di walsh

    Julian Assange and Wikileaks has exposed much of many suspected about behaviour of Governments around the world  and proving Machiavelli was right .

    He may be no saint nor always right but the campaign to discredit him is so extensive many potiticians are very nervous indeed it seems.

     I find his giving himself up to the police interestjng-like Christ submitting to Pontius Pilate- and we know what happened there .

    There must be a way to mobilze suport for him and the right to know . How can it be done ? if they crucify him  it will prove he was right in leaking what wikileak has done and what was said is true.

     It is all intrigueing and the treatment so injust .It is the injustice and the lack of support by our government for him I find so cowardly

     May justice be done for him and mayhe not be crucified though I fear he will -a loss for all citizens of the world and for truth

  • mateusz kowalski

    hey lets support julian and hope he is safe and sound.

    heres is a support image i have created. check it out thanks

  • taci

    To all. We must all lobby for wikileaks return and save Julian Assange. I read the Swedish claims and the womens statements seriously in question. Obvious a set up . A global stand must prevail ,as it is a violation upon every citizen of the world. Our elected leaders are accountable to us. The only crime is their behaviour. Wikileaks is not placing us in national danger. The national danger is allowing global abuse of power. Information will save us, hold world leaders to demonstrate correct behaviour, unify leaders and make them realize Earth is small and we must be unified in spirit, education, philosophy. If Wikileaks was in operation around September 11, perhaps a leak could have saved all those people. The secrecy of Nations and Power games is what is unsafe , not Wikileaks. Julian you are one brilliant man. We must all get togethor via Facebook and refused to shop or pay on Paypal which obviously succumbed to Government Blackmail does not allow Wikileaks funding access. It is our internet site that we all have a right to have access to. Information is Power and Powerful people want us not to have any power via Information.

  • http://None David lloyd Hughes

    Whatever it takes to support truth I will willingly do by my limited means.

    It is indeed high time those who are voted by the people into positions of power are reminded how they managed to get there in the first place.

    America has sadly forgotten why and how they exist.

    The Founding Fathers were quite specific about the control of power.

    It now appears we have some kind of situation whereby politicians who give less attention to their constituents than their ego, personal need for money, suck hole up to corporate drive of some form.

    Why is it that so called government entities are frightened of of the people and TRUTH????



    te greed, buy in to wall street theft, buying of government influence power lust to

  • george caz

    we as people have a chance to change things no more will we be frightenend and controlled with lies. to all the multanational companies who rape third world countries and inslave the citizens your time is up.

    I know there is a GOD and i trust him to help us the men and woman on the street to change this tragic chase for money and power.

    Goverments who lie to get control then systematically renig and pursue things that are opposite to what we need your time is coming to an end. you either do what is right for us or we will remove you, you work for us and for the common good of our country or get out.

    Julian assange is the Superman we have been waiting for. GOD gave him the gifts to do this and GOD will protect him and now we have the chance to use the gifts GOD gave us to help him and see this through. For our children and all the innocent children of this world.


  • Adam


    Australians are with you mate, even if the gutless Australian government isn't.

    Keep WikiLeaks going, it's working.

    Normally I don't bother with topical issues but this one is worth the time.

    I started a website as my way of helping
    Good luck,


  • Susan

    Julian, if you ever need some hide-out, me and and my friends are ready to say welcome :)

    In Sweden, by the way. We follow you and pray for you.