Wikileaks; Israel and Egypt making sweet love over torture table

Thank you, Wikileaks (yet again).

The West (essentially America) approves of a “transition” in Egypt to another thug, Omar Suleiman. How very nice of them.

And now this:

The new vice-president of Egypt, Omar Suleiman, is a long-standing favourite of Israel’s who spoke daily to the Tel Aviv government via a secret “hotline” to Cairo, leaked documents disclose.

Mr Suleiman, who is widely tipped to take over from Hosni Mubarak as president, was named as Israel’s preferred candidate for the job after discussions with American officials in 2008.

As a key figure working for Middle East peace, he once suggested that Israeli troops would be “welcome” to invade Egypt to stop weapons being smuggled to Hamas terrorists in neighbouring Gaza.

The details, which emerged in secret files obtained by WikiLeaks and passed to The Daily Telegraph, come after Mr Suleiman began talks with opposition groups on the future for Egypt’s government.

Leaked cables from American embassies in Cairo and Tel Aviv disclose the close co-operation between Mr Suleiman and the US and Israeli governments as well as diplomats’ intense interest in likely successors to the ageing President Mubarak, 83.

The documents highlight the delicate position which the Egyptian government seeks to maintain in Middle East politics, as a leading Arab nation with a strong relationship with the US and Israel. By 2008, Mr Suleiman, who was head of the foreign intelligence service, had become Israel’s main point of contact in the Egyptian government.

David Hacham, a senior adviser from the Israeli Ministry of Defence, told the American embassy in Tel Aviv that a delegation led by Israel’s defence minister, Ehud Barak had been impressed by Mr Suleiman, whose name is spelled “Soliman” in some cables.

But Mr Hacham was “shocked” by President Mubarak’s “aged appearance and slurred speech”.

The cable, from August 2008, said: “Hacham was full of praise for Soliman, however, and noted that a ‘hot line’ set up between the MOD and Egyptian General Intelligence Service is now in daily use.

“Hacham noted that the Israelis believe Soliman is likely to serve as at least an interim President if Mubarak dies or is incapacitated.” The Tel Aviv diplomats added: “We defer to Embassy Cairo for analysis of Egyptian succession scenarios, but there is no question that Israel is most comfortable with the prospect of Omar Soliman.”

Elsewhere the documents disclose that Mr Suleiman was stung by Israeli criticism of Egypt’s inability to stop arms smugglers transporting weapons to Palestinian militants in Gaza. At one point he suggested that Israel send troops into the Egyptian border region of Philadelphi to “stop the smuggling”.

The files suggest that Mr Suleiman wanted Hamas “isolated”, and thought Gaza should “go hungry but not starve”.

“We have a short time to reach peace,” he told US diplomats. “We need to wake up in the morning with no news of terrorism, no explosions, and no news of more deaths.”

Some recently released Wikileaks cables (here, here and here) all show an Egyptian political elite working very closely with Israel to screw over the Palestinians in Gaza. Suleiman seems to believe he could dictate the behaviour of Hamas. The former was never elected and the latter were (from a cable in early 2008):

The bottom line for Hamas, according to Soliman, is that they must be forced to choose between remaining a resistance movement or joining the political process. They cannot have it both ways, he said.

This cable from 2009 shows that Israel knew and acknowledged the ceasefire was being held by Hamas in Gaza:

Regarding the Tahdiya, Hacham said Barak stressed that while it was not permanent, for the time being it was holding. There have been a number of violations of the ceasefire on the Gaza side, but Palestinian factions other than Hamas were responsible. Hacham said the Israelis assess that Hamas is making a serious effort to convince the other factions not to launch rockets or mortars. Israel remains concerned by Hamas’ ongoing efforts to use the Tahdiya to increase their strength, and at some point, military action will have to be put back on the table. The Israelis reluctantly admit that the Tahdiya has served to further consolidate Hamas’ grip on Gaza, but it has brought a large measure of peace and quiet to Israeli communities near Gaza.

In other words, Operation Cast Lead was all about making a political point for Israel and even then it failed miserably. Israel’s rabble army was tasked to destroy Gaza and its infrastructure. In that they succeeded but Hamas rule was only deepened.

  • Kevin Charles Herber


    Australia's far right militant Zionist boards of deputies, leadership groups, bigoted boosters et al must share the  blame for supporting the successive apartheid Israeli Governments since 1948.

    Just how these groups supported by cashed up, Aussie  fascist frock floggers, retailers & property spruikers propose to continue their support for the intellectually & morally corrupt Israeli government, will be a sight to see in the coming months as Israeli security  unravels further.

    Gaza Gillard & Torah Tony must also share in the blame via their fulsome support for these odious Aussie race supremecist Zionists who continue their support for the corrupt Israeli system.

    There will NEVER be an independent, secure, democratic State of Israel…only a Palestinian/Israel State, where a democratically elected parliament, based on population numbers, will see the current Israel become a junior partner to the Palestinians.

    And if in the meantime bombs fall on Tel Aviv, will anyone be really surprised…I think not. In that scenario, who would the Israeli military attack in return?…every Arab State?…I think not.

  • Marilyn

    Send that cable to the Dullard's office

  • david singer

    The cable you refer to as being "from 2009" was in fact from 29 August 2008.

    Indeed at that point of time the Tahdiya was working reasonably well. However between November 2008 -December 19 2008 there were 170 mortars, 255 Qassams, and 5 Grads fired upon Israel’s civilian population centers. 


    Your claim therefore that Operation Cast Lead was "all about making a political point for Israel" is nonsense. Its civilian population centers were under a constant barrage of missiles. What other nation would have put up with these blatant breaches of a ceasefire for one week let alone six weeks?

    You are entitled to your opinion but those reading your article need to understand it is  just the product of a very infertile mind that ignores indisputable facts.

    Worse still those not in possession of the facts – like Kevin Charles Herbert and Marilyn – will unquestioningly accept your opinion because of their own inbuilt prejudices so shockingly revealed by Mr Herbert in his response.

    Criticize Israel as much as you like. But do it on the basis of fact – not fiction. Then we can all have a rational discussion. Hopefully your opinion might then have credibility.

  • samuel welsh

    can the anti sematism be stoped in the arab world.

    hate is evil and not rational in any way.