Codifying secrecy as a way of doing business, thanks to Obama

In case anybody still had any illusions about the obsession of the Obama administration to pursue whistle-blowers or anybody who seriously embarrasses them, read on (via the Wall Street Journal):

The U.S. government has obtained a controversial type of secret court order to force GoogleInc. and small Internet provider Inc. to turn over information from the email accounts of WikiLeaks volunteer Jacob Appelbaum, according to documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

Sonic said it fought the government’s order and lost, and was forced to turn over information. Challenging the order was “rather expensive, but we felt it was the right thing to do,” said Sonic’s chief executive, Dane Jasper. The government’s request included the email addresses of people Mr. Appelbaum corresponded with the past two years, but not the full emails.

Both Google and Sonic pressed for the right to inform Mr. Appelbaum of the secret court orders, according to people familiar with the investigation. Google declined to comment. Mr. Appelbaum, 28 years old, hasn’t been charged with wrongdoing.

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  • iResistDe4iAm

    Change We Can Believe In

    Barack Obama promised change.
    So he changed from a liberal Democrat to a neocon neo-Republican.
    So he changed from a tough principled negotiator to a weak bipartisan appeaser.
    So he changed from an advocate of rule-of-law to an enabler of torture & executions.
    So he changed from a defender of government transparency to a persecutor of whistleblowers.
    So he changed from a master of equal opportunity to a slave of lobby & corporate interests.
    So he changed from a Nobel Peace Laureate to an interventionist War President.
    So he changed from a champion of human rights & democracy to a protector of autocratic regimes.
    So he changed from a neutral & honest broker to a pseudo Israeli ambassador.
    So he changed from a promising visionary statesman to a myopic reactionary leader.
    So he changed from a potential catalyst for a solution to entrenching his part of the problem.
    So he changed from an inspirer of audacious hope to a guardian of conservatism & despair.

    Barack Obama promised change, so he changed.