Desmond Tutu demands real BDS action on Palestine

Powerful piece to persuade the Methodist Church to divest from companies that support the Israeli occupation:

A quarter-century ago I barnstormed around the United States encouraging Americans, particularly students, to press for divestment from South Africa. Today, regrettably, the time has come for similar action to force an end to Israel’s long-standing occupation of Palestinian territory and refusal to extend equal rights to Palestinian citizens who suffer from some 35 discriminatory laws.

I have reached this conclusion slowly and painfully. I am aware that many of our Jewish brothers and sisters who were so instrumental in the fight against South African apartheid are not yet ready to reckon with the apartheid nature of Israel and its current government. And I am enormously concerned that raising this issue will cause heartache to some in the Jewish community with whom I have worked closely and successfully for decades. But I cannot ignore the Palestinian suffering I have witnessed, nor the voices of those courageous Jews troubled by Israel’s discriminatory course.

If we do not achieve two states in the near future, then the day will certainly arrive when Palestinians move away from seeking a separate state of their own and insist on the right to vote for the government that controls their lives, the Israeli government, in a single, democratic state. Israel finds this option unacceptable and yet is seemingly doing everything in its power to see that it happens.

Many black South Africans have traveled to the occupied West Bank and have been appalled by Israeli roads built for Jewish settlers that West Bank Palestinians are denied access to, and by Jewish-only colonies built on Palestinian land in violation of international law.

Black South Africans and others around the world have seen the 2010 Human Rights Watch report which “describes the two-tier system of laws, rules, and services that Israel operates for the two populations in areas in the West Bank under its exclusive control, which provide preferential services, development, and benefits for Jewish settlers while imposing harsh conditions on Palestinians.” This, in my book, is apartheid. It is untenable. And we are in desperate need of more rabbis joining the brave rabbis of Jewish Voice for Peace in speaking forthrightly about the corrupting decadeslong Israeli domination over Palestinians.

These are among the hardest words I have ever written. But they are vitally important. Not only is Israel harming Palestinians, but it is harming itself. The 1,200 rabbis may not like what I have to say, but it is long past time for them to remove the blinders from their eyes and grapple with the reality that Israel becoming an apartheid state or like South Africa in its denial of equal rights is not a future danger, as three former Israeli prime ministers — Ehud Barak, Ehud Olmert and David Ben Gurion — have warned, but a present-day reality. This harsh reality endured by millions of Palestinians requires people and organizations of conscience to divest from those companies — in this instance, from Caterpillar, Motorola Solutions and Hewlett Packard — profiting from the occupation and subjugation of Palestinians.

Such action made an enormous difference in apartheid South Africa. It can make an enormous difference in creating a future of justice and equality for Palestinians and Jews in the Holy Land.

  • Avram

    Dear Antony,

    Thanks for posting this. I don't know who you are as I found you through a google search. I am an American Jew who is deeply disturbed by the Israeli takeover of the West Bank. Please do whatever you can do to get this letter from Desmond Tutu circulated and read in the American Jewish community. Desmond Tutu is highly regarded here. Perhaps people will at least consider what he has to say. Most of my friends in the Jewish Community in my town are completely closed to learning anything about the occupation.

    Thanks for posting this!



  • downtown dave

    There are several errors in this article. First, the Jews are not the occupiers. God gave them this land as an everlasting inheritance. Second, nowhere in Scripture does God call on the Church to punish the apple of His eye. Third, there is not any mention of the atrocities committed against the Jews by the Palestinians and terrorist groups, such as blowing up innocent women and children. BDS is nothing more than shameful.

  • Ned

    "God gave them this land as an everlasting inheritance".
    That expression/belief, oftten said/claimed is simply rediculous and Jews should be embarrassed to see those words or hear it expressed on their behalf as it is an extreme form of myopia.
    But no doubt , some children will continue to be brainwashed with that belief and so it will go on.
    I take it that 'Jewish' and zionist athiests at least, recognise it as 'BS'.

  • Kevin Herbert


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