Four more years

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  • Kevin Herbert

    What a total sell out Uncle Tom sell out this guy turned out to be…more of the same murderous foreign wars for the next 4 years.

  • Ned

    "…….next 4 years."
    For the US militaristic 'form guide' since the 1890 massacre of 300 Indians at wounded Knee to 1911, search; "History of US Intervetions" by Zoltan Grossman, exposing 222 years of evil.
    On that form, the '4 year' forecast is very optimistic.
    In contrast, what country/s has/have been invaded by Iran over the last 200 years? I wonder also, since when did Palestinians invade a country or two.

    • examinator

      Ned aren't you being a bit myopic.
      Looking at the history that suits your argument.
      You really need to read a bit more history .
      Iran = Persia ….have ever head of the Persian Empire and their brutality ?

      Have you looked at their systematic persecution (culturecide) of the Bahi? Coptic Christians ? and other minorities.
      Keep in mind they are Shia and they violently oppose the Sunni .
      They meddle in Lebanon and Iraq not to mention Palestine.
      There are no angel's.

      Neither does Iran's hypocrisy excuse or mitigate the US of its hegemonic violence.
      The reality is comparisons like you are trying to strike are overly simplistic, very selective with the Truth and very misleading.

  • embarrassing sister

    ahem image by @thewetmale!