“The white establishment is now the minority”

Bill O’Reilly is clearly very sad about this fact on Fox News:

  • examinator

    Sorry Bill,
    But you've missed the point. From my reading of the 2010 census the the USA is still has an Anglo/European majority OLD (fashioned) fella. In truth this vote was always split along party lines. What has changed /is changing is that this isn't 'the never was' 1950's nor even more never really was (as remembered) the Regan 80's any more. The reality is:-

    - That the population mean is getting younger
    - The Majority is no longer interested in the old political meme. i.e. to be told what is good for them and the country.
    PS they have always wanted things…hence the term 'hip pocket nerve' quip from the 50's. The best that can be claimed is that the desire for things is that the aspiration has intensified. One might ask why ? and the answer is business' driving of demand through saturation advertising, simply cause and effect.
    - However, the expectation that the standard meme will deliver on those aspirations is decreasing, because of the profitability gained by exporting of unskilled and semi skilled jobs (aka employment security) to cheap wage third world countries.

    - The reality is that it is businesses the likes of a Bain & partners who make money leveraged buyouts leaving the target company with debt and eventual demise and or loss of jobs. Romney's modus operandi is people/production free profits.

    - then he bitches about car bail outs that saved 1000's of jobs
    - and looks down on 47% on govt handouts often because of the actions of a privileged few that has denied them of attainable betterment.

    - Then ignoring the blacks and Hispanics while trying to court the racist whites?
    - Women voters are not going to accept the 50's idea of barefoot and in the kitchen raising the children any more. They have their aspirations and suffer the same frustrated expectations as the men folk.

    As you rightly said but with backwards logic This isn't 20 years ago…. in short the republicans need to get with the today 2012.
    If you really want to know what happened Bill it's simple really ….people are better educated/informed that in the past and simply want more than the old staid 'out of date' meme of back to traditional USA (in fact any where) is no longer good enough.
    The euphoric hope that Obama got in 2008 should have told the politicians that the public expect/demand more than status quo. The reason Obama won was simply he wasn't Romney and the failed "back to …. "
    However, although Obama didn't get the excitement of 2008 he was at least, in some issues , in the right century . In the final analysis Obama is simply the lessor of two evils in some areas . In fact I'd say that he won by default.

  • Kevin Herbert

    I haven't seen any media mention the telling fact that 6million less voters turned than in 2008.

    There's only one party at Federal level under two banners, run by the same shadow deficit based, war mongering government.