US election cost over US$6 billion. Discuss

That’s the amount spent, according to the New York Times.

This is many things but it ain’t democracy.

  • xraymike79

    It's the triumph of capitalism over democracy. And the left feel relieved that Romney was unable to buy the election despite a surge in Super PAC money in the last few months. Surely a hollow victory.

  • rehmat1

    Netanyahu, Barak and Oren have blessed the outcome – while Linh Dinh, an american writer and blogger from Philadelpia noted: "America does not have a representative democracy. If you vote for someone for his rhetoric and promises, which he promptly ignores after the election, then you’re not being represented, I’m sorry, though with your votes, you’ve just sanctioned (Obama) him to go on abusing you and the rest of the world. Ignoring his kill list, undeclared wars and other violations of justice, you’ve chosen to swallow whole his sound bites, so you will fully deserve what’s coming to you, though it’s unfortunate that so many other victims will have to suffer also".

    • examinator

      My virus protector says your page has viruses
      re LD …it seems to be self evident that no country that is political party driven is truly a representative Democracy. Likewise it is a logical nonsense to expect any broad based platform to :-
      a. cover all issues foreseen and unseen.
      b. assume circumstances don't change between pre one election to the next election. life simply isn't that predictable/controllable. every statement is in a context. Imagine for a moment that a politician said in his platform that he would ban something but one in power he sees (confidential or legislative realities) facts that make that promise absurd or even endangering the country? Does he still honour that promise despite the newly learned information? It all depends on the circumstances.
      c. to match perfectly with the majority of people's views or expectations .

      I'd also suggest that to pan every person for voting for Obama is agreeing to the issues you mention. Personally I have often stated that I fully support either side…at best that can be said is that under a party system we as individuals that think, are choosing the lesser of two evils. anyone that agrees with a set ideology is not looking at reality. One size invariably fits no body exactly.
      The question is, I think, is the system broken? Especially given the head line topic …..Absolutely! the next question is, what can we replace it with?

  • Kevin Herbert

    rehmatic & xraymike79:

    you're both spot on.

    When Congressman Ron Paul was asked if he thought a 3rd major party would alter the power balance, he quipped that there wasn't a second major party in existence for this election.

    With voter numbers down by 12 million over 2008, it's clear that an increasing number of Amercians have realised what an Uncle Tom Obama turned out to be.

    As the great Louis Farrakhan says, no matter who wins US Federal elections, the same Shadow Goverment rules the US Federal system i.e. the MIC, the MSM, the US Federal Reserve & the one foreign government with a permanent DC based Congressional lobbying organisation focussing on both domestic issues & foreign policy.