US military incapable or unwilling to document its own wars

A great yet disturbing story via ProPublica:

A strange thing happened when Christopher DeLara filed for disability benefits after his tour in Iraq: The U.S. Army said it had no records showing he had ever been overseas.

DeLara had searing memories of his combat experiences. A friend bled to death before his eyes. He saw an insurgent shoot his commander in the head. And, most hauntingly, he recalled firing at an Iraqi boy who had attacked his convoy.

The Army said it could find no field records documenting any of these incidents.

DeLara appealed, fighting for five years before a judge accepted the testimony of an officer in his unit. By then he had divorced, was briefly homeless and had sought solace in drugs and alcohol.

DeLara’s case is part of a much larger problem that has plagued the U.S. military since the 1990 Gulf War: a failure to create and maintain the types of field records that have documented American conflicts since the Revolutionary War.

A joint investigation by ProPublica and The Seattle Times has found that the recordkeeping breakdown was especially acute in the early years of the Iraq war, when insurgents deployed improvised bombs with devastating effects on U.S. soldiers. The military has also lost or destroyed records from Afghanistan, according to officials and previously undisclosed documents.

The loss of field records — after-action write-ups, intelligence reports and other day-to-day accounts from the war zones — has far-reaching implications. It has complicated efforts by soldiers like DeLara to claim benefits. And it makes it harder for military strategists to learn the lessons from Iraq and Afghanistan, two of the nation’s most protracted wars.

  • examinator

    Now that's one way of keeping secrets from Wikileaks and the public.
    I think the military have spin terms for harming ones own ….'friendly fire', Blue on blue , collateral damage. Personally I'd call it for what it is " Bloody incompetence, "an obscenity", and courts marshalling for those who allowed this litany of ineptitude to continue for so long!
    How hard is it to cross check with people who he served with … !

    But in the mean time give the man some help! Worse case scenario the military has helped an ex service man … Gee the military looking after one of its own why is that such an anathema ?

    I'm not in favour of wars particularly ones that aren't actual defence. However, even I think that if an individual to serves their country in the military. That same military and the country as a whole are responsible for the damage and the consequences of/to the individual while doing that service.