“We brought a Nakba upon you”

During protests against Israel’s current aggression in Gaza held in Tel Aviv on the 15th November, there was a counter protest which shows vile racism against Muslims and hatred towards Palestinians. This short film is yet more fine work by Israeli journalist David Sheen and reflects a majority perspective in the Zionist state:

  • Patricia

    This is the news we don't see on European tv. Two wrongs don't make a right.

  • examinator

    Frightened people always react with aggression against something. It's part of the fight or flight residual bestial instinct.

    As I've pointed out most people are emotionally ill-equipped to join the dots between their short term (self gratifying) actions and the probable longer term consequences. And this video is clearly one such example.

    This doesn't make it right but it should put greater responsibility on those who seek to be leaders to rise above bestial instinct/ emotions . The tragedy is that that politics is viewed as a means to self aggrandisement and a better life style. More often than not success in politics is achieved by manipulating encouraging these base negative instincts ( they are the stronger). As a consequence the actual goal of representing the better sides of human nature is sacrificed for personal/party gain and politics/politicians tend to follow rather than lead. Thus most governments tend to be more against something than for something.
    The real tragedy arises where the system is dominated by two institutionalised parties. Then we most often see both parties firstly hyper negative to each other while trying to be more anti the cause d'jure .(a negative feedback loop) . Neither Israeli party is about to take a consolatory attitude to resolve the issue.
    As Lord Acton astutely noted “ power tends to corrupt and absolute power absolutely (in order to hold that power). A clear corollary of this is the longer a person/ group is in power the more entrenched it beliefs become and more negative it becomes to opposition. e.g. Israel's right wing Licud regime is more anti Palestinians now that it was ( see their amalgamation with the extremist right one.)
    This lurch to intolerance of the Palestinians and their right to resist an illegal/unjust apartheid rule is now a feedback loop (conformation for the extremist end of the spectrum) .
    In order to stay in Power the new Licud party uses more and more negative emotional rhetoric and spin to incite more and more trenchant support.
    The only meaningful comment I can make about the representative voracity of the video is to question if this isn't just a manifestation of Licud supporters or is it a wider spread phenomenon. i e. are we looking at a version of mass hysteria ( of a few) or a totally deluded population ( as in Hitler's support at its rise)? I hope it's the first.

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