MSNBC features, shock horror, Palestinians talking about massacre in Gaza

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  • examinator

    I watched all the parts, Frankly listening to Frum's justification made me wonder what was the point of his presence he had absolutely no intellectual, legal or moral value to add merely a tired spin rhetoric and BS argument.
    He chose a starting date after the actual causal event to suit his argument. Shades of AGW denialism.
    He doesn't accept the reality that the Israeli behaviour prior to the rocket attacks has a cumulative effect!
    he blames the Palestinians for not accepting the status quo as a result of their losing the last "war"?
    How many wars did the Jews lose (they have harboured a grudge for um…..2000 years give or take) according to his reasoning the Jews should have accepted the status quo.
    Whell 480 years ago the English stole my family's ancestral land, should I now attack England and dispossess with force the family who now own it ? Most people would say that's barbaric, silly! What's the substantive difference between my beef and the Jews? the reasoning for Zionist actions in 1949.
    The land beyond 1967 borders is based on spoils of war..!' What century are the Jews in ?
    What part of the Palestinian 2nd intifada was not a war of conquest simply defence.
    Even under the doctrine of a just (sic) war the Palestinians are entitled to struggle against their (foreign) over lords.
    There is no such a thing as status quo unless it's negotiated on by two equal parties. Certainly not as now two against one and they are negotiating at the barrel of a gun. Therein lies my biggest criticism the USA. Part of the problem also is the BS Israeli patriots …the American Diasporic Jews… that are buying their Jewishness by polluting American politics like Adelston and his ilk.

    Notwithstanding the reality that Israel exists and is internationally sanctioned to the 1967 boundaries. The truth is the Current regime is leading the Israel into a complete takeover and nothing less!