“The Palestinian people have rights not just aspirations”

Australian Greens leader Christine Milne tried to amend a motion in the Federal Senate this week to say that Palestinians have “rights”. The Senate said no.

Welcome to one of the most fundamentalist Zionist parliaments in the world and bravo the Greens for being willing to say that Palestinians are human beings:

  • John Salisbury

    Both our P.M. And Opposition Leader take their orders from Bibi..Shameful and humiliating.

  • Ned

    Which means that Australia is run from Tel Aviv I take it (as is the US!) and we do not even get to vote for members in the Knesset. So for the greatest democracy in the Middle East!

  • examinator

    Gentlemen right idea wrong direction Australia takes it's lead from the USA.
    I wonder what would happen in diplomatic circles if Australia to an independent stance on PALESTINE? I suspect it would be ugly.
    I wonder if Australians would be prepared to pay the consequences….I suggest not.
    Notwithstanding this IS ONE greens stance I have to agree with.

  • Ned

    Oh well, out the window goes morality, justice and independence. We need more bread and circus for our TV with a dose of Valium in a glass of fluoridated water.

  • http://twitter.com/iResistDe4iAm iResistDe4iAm

    This makes me long for the good old days when Australian governments (both Labor and Liberal) were pro-Israel. Now they're Zionist, pro-Israel and ANTI-Palestinian.

    Occupation Scorecard:
    Israel wiped 78% of Palestine off the map and occupies the rest.
    It also occupies parts of Syria, Lebanon, the US Congress and the Australian Parliament.

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