Jews Against the Occupation in Australia answer critics on Israel & Palestine

  • examinator

    Tactically a waste of energy and money. In short nothing will change the Critic's minds or stance. Logic dictates that these people have consciously made the decision to reject any argument that doesn't agree with them (FULL STOP). Simply put for these people it is now a matter of faith/belief not facts.

    If I were the strategist I'd be focusing on the wider public who don't know the truth or those who aren't engaged in the topic. Because there are more of them and THEY may be able to increase the pressure for change. All they need is a *practical reason* to be engaged, a far more productive target. As I've said before radicalism has a limited audience… not everyone can get excited about ethereal principals, what is needed is a better more personally identifiable strategy and focused at the people that make make a difference..

  • Mike

    Great video! Where are you, Antony? How do I get involved?

  • Kevin Herbert

    Gr8 video & gr8 strategy…well done…I'm sending this to Isi Liebler & Albert Dadon