Al Jazeera’s Sami al-Hajj, imprisoned for six years at Gitmo, speaks out

Post 9/11 America implemented a draconian system of torture, imprisonment and illegality that continues today under Barack Obama. The story of Al Jazeera cameraman Sami al-Hajj is shocking, a man who disappeared into a legal and moral black hole for years and now speaks exclusively to Democracy Now! in Qatar. This is what the “war on terror” means in reality:

  • examinator

    All that can be reasonably said is that the US and the Neocons have much to answer for. And in this instance there is a prima facie case for a prosecution at least for damages.
    Beyond that it's still covered by "the presumption of innocence".
    I would note that the USA claims exceptionalism which in real terms means that they (the nation), their executives or their citizens can't be held accountable for their actions unless those currently in power choose to allow it. They are a law unto themselves. . No future president or functional heads of governmental will ever allow a predecessor to be prosecuted by a foreign power because they themselves fear the precedent.
    Notwithstanding I as an individual am not surprised nor do I have any doubts as to the accuracy of what the man says.
    There is a direct relationship between the degree of power and the corruptibility (Lord Acton) of its use but more insidiously, both the fear on being found out and the draconian means applied to cover it up.
    In simple terms once the USA decided to exert it's military power, either directly or implicitly the more brutal and obsessively they would/are covering up their all to obvious excesses.
    I would posit that this man was picked up because as a journalist and an Arab it was assumed that he had contacts or special (useful) information on al Qa'ida.
    To the military mind (note I didn't say intelligence) the end justifies the means in (all out war).
    The US government once they had him had committed a crime so they simply denied and hid the truth.
    I would note also that Israel's IDF tactics are the same See the video
    sickening really.
    A gangster once said the first crime (killing) is always the hardest. After that it becomes a habit .