How Barack Obama defames memory of Martin Luther King Jr

Brilliant oratory by Dr Cornel West, a challenge to supposed liberals who ignore the US President’s policies and can only see the colour of his skin:

  • Kevin Herbert

    Gr8 post Antony….I will circulate this epistle permanently….one of the gr8 appeals to humanity of the past 50 years……thanx man…

  • Kevin Herbert

    You can see the deep admiration/astonishment in Newt's expresssion……he looks like I feel as I hear this…..lethal loquacity….

  • iResistDe4iAm

    In 2008, Barack Obama promised change.
    In 2009, Barack Obama fulfilled his promise and changed.

    He changed from a liberal Democrat to a neocon neo-Republican.
    He changed from a tough principled negotiator to a weak bipartisan appeaser.
    He changed from an advocate of rule-of-law to an enabler of torture & summary executions.
    He changed from a professor of constitutional law to a sponsor of unconstitutional laws.
    He changed from a defender of government transparency to a persecutor of whistleblowers.
    He changed from a master of equal opportunity to a slave of lobby & corporate interests.
    He changed from a Nobel Peace Laureate to an interventionist War President.
    He changed from a champion of civil rights & democracy to a protector of autocratic regimes.
    He changed from a neutral & honest broker to a pseudo Israeli ambassador.
    He changed from a promising visionary statesman to a myopic reactionary leader.
    He changed from an inspirer of audacious hope to a guardian of conservatism & despair.

    Barack Obama promised change, so he changed.

    • examinator

      Obama is the POTUS not a god or Dictator. His powers are in some ways more that the Aussie PM . If you want a god go to church, synagogue, mosque, temple etc not to a 'democratic' government.
      Obama CAN'T make radical changes without there being a significant support from the people's choice of Congressional representatives. You can't expect a Labor PM to behave like a Green PM it simply can't happen she would be replaced.
      In the US situation the POTUS is made a 'lame duck'
      That is what the US public did. Not Obama he's simply following the majority's views THAT'S the job of a democratically elected REPRESENTATIVE.
      On fire arm control have you seen the legislative prohibitions that successive GOP governments have 'slipped' into the law? it's frightening …POTUS has to follow the law.

  • examinator

    Very emotional, Highly evocative hyperbole but largely based on Projection of HIS emotions.
    I would acknowledge the following.
    a. MLK jr. did stand for all those things and yes he had/expressed many truths/principals that should be followed was/is BEYOND reproach.
    It is those principals that are what matters. But was he some sort of god, a paragon of impeccable morality ….well not so much he was a human nothing more nothing less.
    b.MLK jr could do what he did BECAUSE he wasn't the POTUS . He wasn't day to day responsible for ALL that the USA was at that time. His responsibility wasn't anywhere as restrictive. Perspective, context are king and Queen. Hindsight and emotions are pretenders to the throne.
    I would then ask the good Dr Cornel West what part of the the way the system works doesn't he understand? Obama is one player in the system he is ham strung until the people are so outraged that the congress reps are more afraid of them than the powers of inertia/self interest.
    If for example sake Obama tried to implement these lofty ambitions without the public or the congress etc he would be regarded as a dictator in real terms and civil war/ economic collapse would ensue.
    Americans as people have to realize it is THEIR responsibility to sufficiently demand the changes not Obama on some messianic trip.
    There is no doubt that Obama's record has many faults that may make his symbolism of using MLK jrs bible a little inconguent but is there anyone out there who would deny his achievements…. life is made up of small steps and great support with the public follow through.
    Ask your self what happened to the rage the commitment of MLK jr's generation? they're the ones looking the other way now!
    When was the last most of Australians voted on higher principal rather than their own interests? If they had either the Aust Dems or the Greens would be government today.
    I understand Dr West's dismay , impatience, frustration.
    But does he really believe that Obamacare, small but meaningful action against the firearm urban warfare and two terms of a black man as POTUS aren't a steps in the right direction ? Does he really want the alternative? Jesus (pronounced haysoos) I don't ! BTW one gets more with honey or outrage at the problem rather than playing into the hands of the toxic curmudgeonly opposition.
    Good speech m/be but strategically DUMB/ self aggrandising / counter productive.

  • iResistDe4iAm

    "Obama is the POTUS not a god or Dictator"
    "If you want a god go to church, synagogue, mosque, temple etc not to a 'democratic' government"
    "But was he [MLK] some sort of god, a paragon of impeccable morality…"
    "MLK jr could do what he did BECAUSE he wasn't the POTUS"
    "Americans as people have to realize it is THEIR responsibility to sufficiently demand the changes not Obama on some messianic trip"

    ~ examinator

    So do morals only apply to gods and places of worship?
    Also, are all 'democratic' leaders exempt from morals, or only Western leaders?

  • Kevin Herbert

    iResistDe4iAm ; nice verse summing up the US's now two time Uncle Tom President.

    I wouldn't cross the road to offer my bodily fluids to extinguish a fire on his person…as it were.

    Like Bush, Clinton, Bush Senior, Nixon & Reagan..he's a two bit war criminal…an Idi Amin impersonator, but on a bigger budget.

    The world has been in a dark period of history since the Gulf of Tonkin incident….and there is still no light at the end of the tunnel, save for such political heroes as Malcom X, Ron Paul, Louis Farrakhan and their ilk.

  • Kevin Herbert

    And I should add our own ex PM Malcolm Fraser who has spoken out consistently for the past 20 years against US & Wesrern tyranny….what happened to P J Keating, who has stayed silent all these years???