What just happened in Israeli election is many things; true democracy isn’t one of them

The final results of the Israeli election remain unclear.

The Institute for Middle East Understanding has produced the following graphic which reveals the democracy deficit in Israel and Palestine:


  • examinator

    The articles seem to suggest more of the same only with a less feral face saying it.
    My read of the general consensus is that the primary focus will be on the economy of Israel for Israeli. There doesn't appear to be appear to be an appetite for radical structural change regarding the status and conditions of the Palestinians.
    Keep in mind the Israeli electoral map includes Gaza as part of Israel.
    It seems to me that given the spread of electoral seats towards the Status Quo with regards to Palestinians it's hard to even contemplate even a single state where Palestinians have equal rights…. So much for the secular one state solution…. and for the two state solution too for that matter.
    The game changer has to be a US change in support for Israel …hardly likely given that the most trenchant supporters is the US' Religious Ultra Conservative rump.