Oscar-nominated Israeli film, The Gatekeepers, compares occupation to Nazi Germany

  • Landon

    Disagree that Israel's occupation of Palestine is "similar to Nazi Germany's occupation…"
    Dror said, "Israel has been occupying …for 45 years …"

    Germany engaged in a war. Numerous high-level FDR administration officials were well aware that the war in Europe was provoked by zionists — see "Forrestal Diaries."
    Louis Brandeis, major advocate for zionism, declared to Rabbi Stephen Wise in early February 1933, "All Jews must leave Germany." see Edwin Black, "The Transfer Agreement"). In other words, Jews decided for their own reasons and benefit that they wished to or intended to leave Germany.
    Herbert Hoover interviewed Hitler & Goering in 1938; Hoover reported that Hitler's intentions were to eradicate Russian Bolshevism, acquire agricultural territory in Ukraine so that "never again" would could Germans be starved to death as they were 1915-1919; and to redress onerous burdens of Versailles Treaty. Having peacefully set several of these goals in motion with relatively little violence, Nazis sought peace with Britain. Churchill refused. The burden of the war and subsequent "occupation" is on Churchill.

    What Nazis did in WWII is not in any way similar to zionist Israel's theft of Palestinian land and persecution of the Palestinian people — for 45 yrs, Dror says, but more like 100 years.