Fear is a good thing for Israel

Zionist neo-cons are allegedly convinced that the Obama administration no longer cares about Israel and will not help the Jewish state protect itself from the Iranian nuclear “threat”.

As if. Since when was some tough love not in order? Israel is not a special country and nor should it be treated that way. This is something Zionists will have to get used to. Why, for example, isn’t Israel’s massive nuclear arsenal ever discussed?

Jerusalem Post editor David Horowitz expresses the fear that Israel feels; the Middle East power dynmatic may change:

Israel is sounding increasingly jittery about that Iranian march to the bomb. And its criticism of the international community’s failure to intervene effectively – which was primarily focused in past years on those hypocritical Europeans who talk tough on Iran but also trade healthily with it – is now focusing on the United States, as well.

Where Iran is concerned, Israel’s red lines are drawn in a very different – earlier – place than those of the United States. We worry – existentially – that the Iranians may use the bomb if they get it, or supply it to a third party. But short of its use, we worry about the shift in the Middle East balance of power that would be produced by a nuclear Iran; the regional nuclear arms race it would spark; the knock-out blow to Israeli-Arab normalization; the emboldening of Hamas and Hizbullah; and the greater indifference to international pressures that Iran would feel when considering which weaponry to provide for these vicious proxies to the top and bottom of Israel.

So will Obama be brave enough to tell the Zionist lobby where to go and instruct Israel that excuses will no longer suffice when dealing with the Palestinians?

Talk is easy in the Middle East.

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