Hizbollah rearms and accused of terrorism and Israel just continually rearms

Remind me who is the neighbourhood bully in the Middle East? It certainly isn’t Hizbollah or Lebanon:

Hezbollah on Wednesday shot back at US charges it was stockpiling sophisticated weapons, accusing Washington of destabilising the Middle East and vowing to continue to build its artillery.

“The resistance has the right to use all legitimate means to build its capacity to defend Lebanon,” Hezbollah MP Hassan Fadlallah told AFP on Wednesday.

“US arms are annihilating the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon and are the cause of all suffering in the region,” he added.

“They are the principle factor destabilising the region, undermining its security and preventing development.”

Fadlallah also accused the United States of “waging a diplomatic and political battle” in order to help its ally Israel maintain the upper hand in regional military prowess.

“The United States is asking us to accept Israel’s alleged superiority to ensure Israel remains capable of launching attacks at its will while we are stripped of the ability to face these aggressions,” he said.

“We have no interest in acceding to these attempts to concretise Israeli superiority,” Fadlallah added.

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