I’m Jewish and critical, so sue me

An interesting new Australian blog, Jew on This, discusses politics, Palestine and pondering. A recent post looks at the reasons more Jews are turning away from Israel:

Something that interests me is that most of my Jewish friends who are not Zionists were once Zionists. We went to Zionist Jewish schools, some went to Zionist youth groups, and we grew up unquestioning of Zionism. It wasn’t until quite recently that I met a Jew who wasn’t a Zionist. What changed most of our minds was not ignorance, but the very opposite: we read things and talked to people. We read critiques of Zionism and Israel’s actions from Jews like Ella Shohat; we read reports of what Israel does to Palestinians from Israeli organisations like New Profile and B’tselem. It’s not ignorance that motivates the vast majority of Jews who aren’t Zionists, but rather a great abundance of knowledge and critical thinking.

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