Iranians love Bush!

Terror Free Tomorrow – a Washington-based NGO that claims, “We are the only organization dedicated to a new strategic vision: leading the fight against terror by winning the popular support that empowers global terrorists” – have conducted a study of Iranian public opinion. And guess what?

Iranians across all demographic groups oppose the unelected rule of the supreme leader in favor of electing all their leaders. While these views run stronger in Tehran, they are also held across all provinces of Iran, and in both urban and rural areas.

Terror Free Tomorrow’s path-breaking survey of Iran demonstrates that the Iranian people are the best ally of the U.S. and the West against the government in Tehran. The considerable challenge is how to support the Iranian people while also achieving important U.S. goals, such as preventing the Iranian government from developing a nuclear arsenal.

It’s obviously impossible to accurately critique the methods of the polling, but they seem remarkably consistent with the aims of the Washington elite keen to overthrow the Iranian mullahs. During my recent visit to Iran, I also noted a great deal of anger towards the regime, but little enthusiasm for regime change, outside interference or military action. Terror Free Tomorrow – having John McCain on the advisory board really helps their credibility! – seems to be just one more post 9/11 group that claims to speak for the oppressed in the world when, in fact, it merely represents the goals of the Washington military and political elites.

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