Some West Australians want Israel to occupy Arabs forever

I wrote last week about the imminent launch of Friends of Israel Western Australia.

Readers will be happy to hear that the group is now live and well and featured a rogue’s gallery of politicians desperate to align themselves with a hardline, Christian Zionist view of the Middle East.

The J Wire report is laughably enthusiastic. More a press release than a news story:

Attendance at the pre-Launch seminar and book launch were also attended beyond all expectation. Clearly there is a quiet but powerful bond between Western Australia and and Israel. All that was needed was an opportunity to express that feeling, and Western Australia responded resoundingly.

The event was chaired by inaugural Chairman of the FOIWA, Bob Kucera (former… State Minister)… and Vice Chairman, Ray Halligan (former State Upper House Member). The… dignitaries in attendance and the apologies were too many to mention. Apologies included Hon. Julie Bishop, Deputy Leader of the Opposition. Her statement of support was given by Ray Halligan.

Bob Kucera passionately expressed the importance of support for Israel as a “friend in need” and urged everyone present to join the organisation and look forward to hearing quality speakers, seminares and being kept informed.

Foreign Minister Stephen Smith re-iterated Australia’s support for Israel’s right to live in peace and security, from the outset and… across the political spectrum.

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