Staying faithful

Irfan Yusuf, Daily Telegraph, September 19:

Seriously, if the Pope wants to say or write anything about my faith, it is no skin off my spiritual nose.

If Muslims aren’t strong enough to take a little criticism of their faith, you have to wonder about how strong their faith in their religion really is.

If it’s the case (and I don’t believe it is) that the Pope says Islam was spread using violence, why use violence to confirm his argument? Why not just ask the Pontiff some simple questions?

Questions like: Which Muslim ruler murdered six million Jews? On which Japanese city have Muslims dropped an atomic bomb?

Thankfully Aussie Muslims are, by and large, disgusted by what they see some infantile Muslims doing overseas.

I believe Islam, Christianity and Judaism were first divinely cooked up in Abraham’s spiritual kitchen.

If some Muslims can’t stand the heat, they should find another kitchen.

If they can’t practise the restraint of their ancestors, they should consider finding another religion.

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