Thanks for telling us who really runs South Australia (and isn’t the government)

The Adelaide News Blog helps us all:

Indicating that a special Defence Cabinet would now govern South Australia, Premier Mike Rann will announce this morning that he and all of State Cabinet would be presenting their resignations to the Governor later today.

“You’ll hardly notice any difference.” Mr Rann told onlookers at the Norwood Pie Cart last night. “The Yanks know what they want, and we’ve been rubberstamping their stuff for years. The bloke running the shipyard used to be a Halliburton boss, if there’s anything that needs sorting out, he’ll manage.”

Defence Minster Kevin Foley’s is tipped to be the only survival of the regime change, as Government Services Facilitator. In the cubicles of a South Parklands toilet last night, a voice resembling the former Treasurer’s was heard to say “Who’s laughing now?”

Former Halliburton/KBR GlobalVice President for Infrastructure, and now Defence-SA boss Andrew Fletcher was unavailable for comment, referring queries to the Regime Change department of KBR’s headquarters in Houston.

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