The “dangers” of anti-Zionism

Ted Lapkin is the Director of Policy Analysis for AIJAC, Australia’s most insidious, Zionist lobby group. His job essentially involves defending Israeli war crimes, invasion, occupation and torture (evidence for the prosecution here.)

In the current issue of the conservative (and government-funded) magazine, Quadrant, he attempts to analyse a handful of “anti-Zionist” academics in Australia, and includes a large section on my work. I am, in Lapkin’s worldview, a supporter of now-deceased Abu-Musab al-Zarqawi (due to my opposition to the Iraq war and desire for US defeat) and a “dyed-in-the-wool anti-Zionist.”

Perhaps the funniest section of his article is near the end:

The best and brightest of Australia’s youth are exposed to virulent anti-Zionism throughout their university years. It remains to be seen what effect this indoctrination will have on the next generation of Aussie leaders.

Of course, blindly supporting Israel and the US isn’t indoctrination, it’s simple common sense, according to Lapkin and his ilk. After all, who wouldn’t want to support two governments that feed off each other’s aggression?

The full article can be read here: Download File

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