The gift Israel has given the world (crazy settlers)

Women in Green are fanatical Jews intent on settling all of the West Bank. Screw the Arabs.

They just sent out the following email:

Below is a link to … pictures of the destruction today in Neguhot by the IDF of two homes – the home of Yehudit and Natan Ben David and their 6 children and the home of the Cohen family with one child.

Link to pictures.

The pictures are presented to you by Women in Green and by Gideon Ehrlich

Among the pictures one can see how, after the destruction, Arab workmen hired by the army are evacuating the family piano and other belongings from the ruins.

The scene reminded us of the devastating scenes of the destruction of Gush Katif.

The families are strong and determined to rebuild their homes. The pictures show the tent built a few minutes after the destruction, a tent in which they will live to keep a presence at the site. For donations for a new home please call Miriam at 052-4295557.

We must point out that the two homes were built within the community boundaries of the community of Neguhot. Neguhot is a community in the southern hills of Hevron, a 15 minute drive south of Kiryat Arba. One needs to drive on a road within the Palestinian Authority to get to Neguhot (a fact that in itself is a scandal).

Women in Green call upon all national representatives in the government and Knesset to put a stop to this degeneration and to initiate a wave of national zionist and Jewish building and expansion in the Land of Israel. One must stop once and for all the Defense Minister Ehud Barak from implementing his extreme leftist policies, when he represents a fringe minority in the government and in the people.

The people of Israel returned to their Biblical homeland in order to build it and settle it.The pioneering families of Neguhot are imbued with this spirit and no force will succeed in stopping this.

With love for Israel,

Women in Green

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