The Jewish failure

Yoel Marcus, Haaretz, January 23:

With all due respect to the public censure of bungles and briberies, with all due respect to the pursuit of honesty, the eagerness to punish those who are guilty and the fiery rhetoric in the media, please, for God’s sake, do us a favor: Don’t cripple the country.

Okay, so we aren’t solid gold. We have losers. We have leaders who screw up. Not everything ticks with clockwork precision. We need to fix what needs fixing through proper administration, and when the time comes, through general elections, which no one supports right now.

In its 60-odd years, Israel has had 31 governments. Soon we’ll be beating the record of the French Fourth Republic. The current government has been in office for barely eight months. What good will it do us to have another government that can’t cure our basic ills, which today range from arrogance to insensitivity?… 

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