The Zionist lobby coughs blood over Gaza

How does the fundamentalist Zionist lobby manage this week’s devastating UN report on Gaza?

Smear the Palestinian witnesses, claim the UN is biased and issue Israeli government talking points.

Is Israel the only nation in the world whose army never kills civilians intentionally?

Apparently so.

UPDATE: Two other Zionist fanatics share their moderate views with the world.

Alan Dershowitz:

Richard Goldstone—the primary author of a one-sided United Nation’s attack on Israeli actions during the Gaza war—has now become a full fledged member of the international bash-Israel chorus. His name will forever be linked in infamy with such distorters of history and truth as Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein and Jimmy Carter. The so-called report commissioned by the notorious United Nations Human Rights Council and issued under his name is so filled with lies, distortions and blood libels that it could have been drafted by Hamas extremists. Wait, in effect, it actually was!

Melanie Phillips:

Goldstone proceeds to omit the key ”˜development’ that explained Israel’s military action — the rocket bombardment from Gaza of its citizens. He thus presents Israel as the aggressor and Hamas as the victims. What malice.

This disreputable piece of work will in turn embolden and empower Hamas and Palestinian terrorism, provide the jihadis of the UN and their accomplices with the means further to persecute Israel and endorse its genocidal attackers, and incite the Arab and Muslim world still further to aggression and to war.

With this report, Goldstone demonstrably forfeits his claim to legal, moral or intellectual credibility. He should be disowned by the legal profession.

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