US wonders; how can we find way to get Iraq to kill our men and start war?

Just in case you need any more confirmation of the kinds of minds running the US:

Jon [Stewart] welcomes… retired general Hugh Shelton as his guest. … Shelton is the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and he has written a new memoir — in which he makes startling allegations about U.S. military conduct.

General Shelton alleges that a cabinet member in the Clinton administration… was willing to kill a U.S. pilot to provoke war with Saddam Hussein and Iraq. The general states that in 1997, airmen were flying over Iraq each day, and were facing ground artillery fire from Iraqi forces.

A Clinton aide then came up with this “clever” plan: “Fly one of our [aircraft] low enough so that Saddam could actually shoot it down.” Once the plane and the pilot were shot down, the U.S. would have an excuse to attack Iraq.

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