Verso podcast on The Palestine Laboratory

The publisher Verso released my book, The Palestine Laboratory, in the UK and US in May this year.

As part of its popular podcast series, I was interviewed alongside Palestinian writer Ghada Karmi to discuss Palestine and growing opposition to Israeli actions.

This is the blurb:

This week we were planning to bring you an episode about money in the digital age, but with everything that is currently unfolding in occupied Palestine we felt that this conversation between two leading thinkers on the subject was an important contribution to current discourse. In this episode, recorded on October 6th, Ghada Karmi and Antony Loewenstein sat down with our host, Eleanor Penny, to discuss the Israeli state’s military-industrial complex, its relationship with the global far right, and why a one-state solution is the closest approximation to a just conclusion for seventy-five years of occupation. Having been recorded prior to the events that have followed since October 7th, please listen in the awareness that some of the language in the episode may not be reflective of the detailed situation that has developed over the last two weeks.


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