Zionist enforcer slams anyone who dares speak of two-state solution

Following Israel Lobby co-author Steve Walt’s rational article in the Washington Post that simply outlined Barack Obama’s seeming inability or unwillingness to control a rampant Jewish state, Atlantic Zionist writer Jeffrey Goldberg responds with a typically vitriolic and fact-free side-swipe (after Walt expressed pleasure with J Street):

J Street would be better off with Osama Bin Laden’s endorsement than it would with Stephen Walt’s. As best as I can tell, the bulk of J Street’s backers are people who ardently support the creation of a Palestinian state and don’t very much like Benjamin Netanyahu, but they are also people who don’t like grubby Jew-baiters like Stephen Walt. I’m curious to see what Jeremy Ben-Ami, the head of J Street, has to say about this.

Goldberg is a master of the smear. Because he’s desperate and knows that trying to silence Israel critics no longer works.

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