They have spoken

What do the dwindling number of Iraq war supporters say when things get tough? Show desperation. Name-call. Ignore the facts on the ground. Are the Iraqi people still relevant in all this? They want “us” to withdrawal, and soon.

Death comes to those who bomb

Former UN weapon’s inspector, writer and dissident Scott Ritter talks about the wars in Iraq and (potential) conflict against Iran (which incidentally, even a senior Israeli source believes can be solved through diplomatic, not military, means.) One reason behind the Bush administration’s plans to change the Middle East? Curbing the growth of Iran and China.

Why blogging matters

Following my essay in last week’s Sydney Morning Herald on how blogging has revolutionised information around the world, ABC Radio National produced a story last Friday on similar issues, and featured Iranian and Iraqi blogger friends (and yours truly). As I’ve said many times before, any writer/journalist/current affairs obsessive who doesn’t think that blogging has…

The sanctions failed

Zvi Bar’el, Haaretz, January 28: Thursday will mark a year since the democratic elections in Palestine that brought Hamas to power – a year since the shock and frustration were replaced by a policy of sanctions that has pushed the Palestinian Authority to the brink of civil war and warfare in the streets of Gaza.…

Alex’s little delusions

Iraq is in chaos, thanks primarily to Western intervention, and Australia’s Foreign Minister Alexander Downer blames the “self-loathing” Left. No wonder nobody takes him seriously (though he’s probably received his talking points from that other eloquent war-monger Dick Cheney.) At least he has a future on the washed-up comedy circuit.

Lobby trouble

Jim Abourezk is a former Democratic senator from South Dakota. His recent article on the ways in which the Zionist lobby operate in the US is essential reading. It also proves how vulnerable the lobby is to external pressure: The pro-Israel lobby does most of its work without publicity. But every member of Congress and…