What the West has allowed

Amira Hass, Haaretz, November 27: If it’s not the power getting cut, leaving entire neighborhoods in darkness, then it’s the water not reaching the top floors or the cooking gas running out. If you have an electric generator, some small part of it is bound to be broken and unfixable, because even before the hermetic…

Talking past power

How the internet is finally changing the face of Italian society (and we can thank Prime Minister Silvio Berluscon). (While the vast majority of Egyptian web users allegedly support the idea of government net censorship.)

What can blogging really do?

Following my talk yesterday at Harvard University’s Berkman Centre on The Blogging Revolution, a live-blog featured some of the more interesting elements of the discussion, such as this: Q: I was born in Poland and saw the Solidarity movement go from tiny to 1/3 of the population supporting it, in just a couple of months.…

The need to respect the other

The Saudi Arabian based Arab News – not always known for its nuanced understanding of the Middle East – gets it right in a recent editorial: The five Palestinians convicted Monday of channeling $12 million to Hamas via the Texas-based Holy Land Foundation are indeed guilty under US law. The reason is that since 1995…

One step away from the muzzle

Clearly it’s racist to challenge Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestine: Leeds University Union agreed last week, by a vote of 12 to 11, to send a motion to referendum which will label anti-Zionism as anti-Semitism and silence pro-Palestinian groups on campus. The Zionist lobby stoops even further to silence legitimate criticism of the Jewish state.