A different kind of seder


During this Passover, a group of Jewish Americans celebrated the festival outside the offices of AIPAC and another leading Zionist lobby group. They expressed support for Palestinian rights and opposed AIPAC’s blind embrace of the Israeli government. Their main message? AIPAC doesn’t speak for all Jews. The report of the event states:

The group set up a seder table and recited Passover’s traditional four questions, with newly written answers that included facts about Israel’s demolition of Palestinian homes, confiscation and destruction of Palestine’s land resources for the expansion of settlements and the Separation Wall, and malnutrition and poverty in Palestine caused by Israeli closure and movement restrictions.

According to Marjorie Kent, one of the organizers of the seder: “During Passover, every generation of Jewish people is commanded to remember that we were slaves and to tell the story of the Exodus so that we can recognize oppression that happens today and work to stop it. Today we committed ourselves to this task.”