A glimmer of hope

Leading Israeli human rights group B’Tselem – once again proving that some of the greatest critics of the Jewish state’s apartheid policies are Jews themselves – release a report that is damning on the country’s policies:

In the past year Israel has escalated its policy of separating the Palestinian populations of the Gaza Strip and West Bank from each other. The separation regime tears families apart, puts thousands at risk of expulsion to the Gaza Strip and turns Palestinians into “illegal aliens” in their own home.

After watching the powerful quasi-documentary film Waltz with Bashir last weekend – an indictment on Israel’s futile 1982 invasion of Lebanon and its long-term effects on the involved soldiers – I was oddly encouraged by the degree of honesty that a handful of Jews within Israel are increasingly showing.

These voices should be broadcast around the world. Not all Jews endorse a racially exclusionary state that defines itself through occupation.