A Middle East history very easily forgotten

The organisation Zochrot is a group of Israeli citizens who work to raise awareness of the Nakba, the 1948 Palestinian catastrophe (I’ve written about this wonderful group before).

Here’s their latest email, proving that at least some Israeli Jews are very aware that Israel was built on the bones of another people:

Tour of the destroyed Palestinian village Kafr Inan in the Galilee

Saturday, 3.10.2009

The remaining inhabitants of the village of Kafr Inan were expelled in February, 1949.…  Some of them found refuge in Lebanon, others in Arab villages within Israel, and the rest “crossed” the border to Jinin and the Triangle, which was then under Jordanian control.…  After a few months, Israeli authorities demolished the homes of the Palestinians it had expelled from Kafr Inan, and the village disappeared.…  The state later established the moshav Kfar Hannanya on its lands.

On Saturday, 3.10.2009, we’ll tour the site of the destroyed village, meet some of its refugees and listen to the stories they tell of their Nakba. We’ll erect signs to commemorate the village and distribute “Remembering Kafr Inan,” a booklet prepared for the occasion.

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