America has so many best friends in the world

You have to laugh. How many nations are so keen to be close with Washington and will send troops to their pointless wars to prove the point?

President Obama, hosting a visit by the French president, January 10, 2011: “We don’t have a stronger friend and stronger ally than Nicolas Sarkozy, and the French people.”

President Obama, hosting a visit by Australian prime minister Julia Gillard, March 7, 2011: “We have no stronger ally than Australia.”

UPDATE: Looking back at previous comments by the president in this vein, we find Obama saves himself from a direct contradiction by saying “one of our strongest allies” here and there: “Good morning, everybody. I want to extend the warmest possible greetings to President Komorowski and his delegation. Poland is one of our strongest and closest allies in the world and is a leader in Europe.”

But Australia has earned this distinction from Obama before, on November 13 of last year: “The United States does not have a closer or better ally than Australia. We are grateful for all the work that we do together.”

Also, March 3, 2009: “I think this notion that somehow there is any lessening of that special relationship is misguided. You know, Great Britain is one of our closest, strongest allies.”