And Olmert is (nearly) gone

Akiva Eldar, Haaretz, July 31:

But at the top of the indictment that history will submit against Olmert will stand his criminal neglect of the Arab Peace Initiative. To date the Israeli cabinet has not even discussed the framework which for the first time offers Israel “normal ties” with all 22 members of the Arab League.

Abbas said during a meeting with representatives of the Palestinian diaspora this week in Cairo that he presented the initiative to Barack Obama. He says that the presumptive Democratic nominee for the presidency of the United States said in response: “If the Israelis do not accept this initiative, which promises them life in peace and security in an area between Mauritania to Indonesia – they are crazy.”

Obama was wrong. Missing out on a chance for peace between Jewish, democratic Israel and all Arab states is not madness. It is an unforgivable crime.