Beauty behind the scenes


(Courtesy of Iranian photoblogger Kosoof, the picture shows a traditional mosque in Shiraz, Iran.)

Arash Ashoorinia is the 26-year old, award-winner behind the site. A recent interview reveals his motivation:

My name is Arash Ashoorinia. I am 26 years old and I have started doing photography nearly 6 years ago. I started my blog in 2004. Before I started my photoblog, I designed web sites and after I started my photoblog, I left designing. When I started Kosoof I just wanted to have a simple photoblog to present some samples of my work. Photos from nature, urban spaces and the places we live in. I wanted to show the things and events which others do not see or pay attention to, so I sometimes cover events with news value. Because so much of the news and images have to do with censorship in Iran.