The Columbia Journalism Review Daily reports:

In November, 2001, at the outset of its military campaign to oust the Taliban and hunt down Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, a U.S. missile levelled the Kabul bureau of the Al Jazeera television network. In his new book, The One Percent Doctrine, Ron Suskind alleges that Al Jazeera was intentionally targeted.

So why isn’t the press paying attention?

If Suskind was somewhat vague about the incident in his book (he writes that “inside the CIA and White House there was satisfaction that a message had been sent to Al Jazeera” on the day of the bombing), he cleared up any ambiguity during an appearance this week on CNN’s Situation Room. “My sources are clear that that was done on purpose, precisely to send a message to Al Jazeera, and essentially a message was sent,” he told Wolf Blitzer. “…There was great anger at Al-Jazeera at this point.” He added, “I’ll tell you emphatically it was a deliberate act by the U.S.”… 

Suskind’s statement is hardly the last word on the matter, but the deliberate US bombing of al-Jazeera should open the eyes of anyone who still believes that the US aims to bring democracy to the Middle East.