But Israelis don’t shoot the media, surely?

Witness a Fox News crew come under fire from Israeli troops last week (Norman Finkelstein provides commentary).

David Lee Miller: “In all likelihood that was probably Israeli fire, we were very very close to their position…”

What the Israelis have essentially done is cut Gaza in half… All traffic has stopped in this one location… This is central Gaza…the area is deserted. The Palestinians know not to go any further, there are barriers set up. We went as close as we felt we could to illustrate what was taking place here without endangering ourselves “

Dumb: “I just don’t understand, it says PRESS, it’s the color, it’s international…”

& Dumber: “Bad guys shoot at anything!”

Dumb: “Right, but it’s Israel?!”

Dumbette: “Eeeh, but…it’s also…if…if…correct, we don’t know who exactly was shooting at ’em…”

Perhaps that will teach the Murdoch press to treat the Israelis with a little more scepticism. I’m not holding my breath.