Caring about Palestine makes you a terrorist, didn’t you know?

A comment on an Haaretz article about the various protests in Israel and Palestine today over Gaza reminds us that any solidarity with the Palestinian people causes supposedly rational people to spit bile:

These ‘protesters’ are nothing short of terrorists: supporting a group who yearns for the complete and total destruction of a sovereign nation are deploreable! In fact, these people are in full support of the bombing of innocent women and children in Israel as well as the undermining of world stability and stability in the region. Hopefully, the IDF will get photos of these individuals with names to go with it: then they`ll know who is an agent to terrorists and can deal with them accordingly. The lack of intelligence and foresight from these people is absurd and outlandish, not to mention disgusting. The ‘left’ and todays post-modern liberal PC fanatics are nothing short of extremists and will be held accountable.